Convert or Scrap IDE?

I have two HDD that I'm not using and wonder if it would be worth my while to convert them to external HDD. If so any decently priced kits out there?

WD IDE 120GB 7200 rpm
WD IDE 250GB 7200 rpm

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  1. I've been using 2 of these on WD40 GB and a WD250 GB for 3 years. The firewire gave up the ghost, but USB always works. You might want to shop around for price, but IDE interfaces are becoming rare.
  2. I've used one of these before: Eagle Technologies Consus 3.5" IDE/SATA to USB Drive Enclosure. It's also a good choice, IMO, because should those drives ever die, these are also SATA compatible so you can use them with newer drives too.

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