New Computer Problems?!

Sry for the essay....:D

So I finally got my new build running and at first I was very happy with it, but after using it for awhile, something appears to be wrong. At times the computer runs sluggishly, even when its just Windows, which i kno happens, i mean its a computer but at times the whole computer will just stall (which is weird)
One main problem is that the computer goes to hibernation (u kno the Vista feature). When i come back, it turns back on, but windows basically starts to crash. Mozilla, IE, Xfire, just crash and i need to restart. fixed

Also, I ran my 3D Mark 06 about 2 days ago and got about 15k, which to me seems slow for this build (see Sig). My friend with an 8800GTS and 3.6 Quad gets over 17k, so i thought my slower cpu (not OCed atm) might be bottlenecking, so to get more details i ran 3D Mark again

Here are the numbers:
SM 2.0 Score 5995 <-----------
SM 3.0 Score 7416
CPU Score 4217

Idk if cpu score is right (first quad) but SM 2.0 is less than 3.0??!?!?!?!?
Now that seems a little wrong but idk what to do?

Any ideas or other tests i can try running

Any help is GREATLY Appreciated.
I rly want to get this computer to run well
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  1. Are you using Vista 64?

    Some part of your system isn't recovering fully from hibernation. Most likely it's a driver issue.
  2. a lot of hardware has trouble with vista hibernation and suspend modes. I would recommend disabling them in the power options.
  3. Yea Proximon its 64 bit
    and Thx will do guys, i mean i dont need hibernation

    But what about my graphics...i mean SM 3 beat SM 2 and i checked some other scores and theyre getting around 20k
    In CoD i generally get 170-250 but im running a special config a friend gave me. All the graphics and Shader Models are turned to low. Makes ppl easier to see. But Ill try later with all high....
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