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I was looking to go Vista.

I have a gigabyte ga-965p-ds3 rev 1.0 board. I was looking at the CPU compatibility list. There is a huge difference between rev 1.0 and 2.0.

I have an 8800gt card and 2 megs pf PC6400 ram.

I currently have a E4300. I was hoping to get to a E7200 or so. I don't really overclock much.

I can add 2 more more megs of memory easily enough.

I do internet and some gaming on this computer. I have a laptop for business. I wanted to go DX10 games now like Crysis. I hope to get a little mileage out of this system for a while longer.

What's the best option for Vista DX10 with this rig?

Am I stuck with a conroe processor E6700 max? Or is it cost effective to go with 1066 fsb processor and new memory?

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  1. Reposted with better description. Thanks.( Not sure how to remove post...)
  2. neg i had same mb and i was running q6600 at 3.6ghz
  3. Your E6700 should work fine with Vista. DX-10 is more gpu dependent.

    I have a E6400 on a Gigabye 965P-DQ6 (abiet Ver 1 also) which has been overclocked to 3.2 GHz for 2 years with no problem.

    I'm running with a Bus set to 400 MHz (FSB = 1600), CPU multiplier set to 8. Memory is DDR2-800 (6400) with a 1 to 1 Ratio - also @ FSB 1600

    Bottom line - If you have not overclocked your CPU - Give it a try.

    For Games, check out 4850 or even a 4870 (or comparable Nvidia card. Cyris is more dependent on your GPU. Your E6700 is up to the task, especially if overclocked.
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