Stress testing correctly?

In connection with over clocking i am trying to correctly stress test a system.

So far i have used prime95.

Just tryring to figure out which tests i should run to make surer my system actually is stable. Did the default torture test through all 8 cycles and that went smooth, but i got an error on one of the other tests there.

So does any error given by any of the tests in prime95 mean you have an ustable system, or can that just happen from time to time? What is the most common test to use to make sure the system is stable?
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  1. Generally, small fft's is used for the CPU. I guess it runs completely from the cache. Either large fft's or the blend test is used to test memory.

    10 minutes of small fft's on each core will max out CPU temps.

    Next question is how long. I test for 24 hours. I used to think that 12 hours was enough. Then, a couple of times I let a system run overnight and discovered that it failed once at 14 hours and once at 18 hours. After I made adjustments, I let that system run more that 72 hours.

    You should not generate any errors. But you are the one who will set the test limits for your system and you are the one who will determine how long you will test for.
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