External hard drive not detected (XP) Help!

After dropping my Iomega 1TB external drive it made a strange clicking/beeping sound everytime I switched it on. At first i thought it might be the usual 'Click of death' but the beeping sounds are periodical. As a last resort I tried taking the case off and stuck the hard drive in the freezer for 2 hours.

When I took it out and plugged it in it still made the beeping sounds even after I gave it a little tap. I left it switched on for a while (plugged in to laptop via USB) and the beeping stopped, a while later the device drivers were installed. Although the drivers are installed windows cant detect the device and so I cant recover my precious data!

Any help is much appreciated, Thanks.
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  1. once you dropped your HDD on ground they you have DROP your idea to use it for ever..
    check if there's replacement available ..
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