Extra Cooling for ATCS 840 i5 setup

Looking for some extra cooling for my upcoming OC:ed i5 build. Will be using a CM ATCS 840 case, Noctua NH-U12P for the CPU and low voltage RAM. Will be using an HD 5850 so I expect that the only thing I might need is some GPU or chipset cooling although please say otherwise if you own a ATCS 840 and/or know better. :)

Below are the different options I have (products that I can get). Which would be most effective? Do you own said product? Have a link to an informative review? Haven't been able to find much on any of these products and looking for inside knowledge so to speak. :) These options are not mutually exclusive so feel free to offer advise on combinations or better choices. Let's assume for the time being that money is not a issue although it probably will be. :) Soundlevel IS an issue. Anything above 30dB can be forgotten outright.

Option 1: Kama Bay Cooler in lower 3 front drivebays. link

Option 2: Kama Stay link

Option 3: Windtunnel (Own mod. Metal sheet (folded or not) to get the airflow to reach the MB before it is sucked up by the top fans. (This seems to be the biggest problem with the airflow in the case imo. Not enough air reaches the rear of the case.) Anyone try this?

Option 4: A swivel top fan such as the one in the bottom of the Cosmos S. (link) No idea where I can get one or even what the product code is if it is available. Anyone have one for sale? Own a Cosmos S? Is it any good?

Option 5: Akasa System Exhaust or something similar link I like for the price and it seems quite ok.

Option 6: Sidefan mod (Cut hole for 120mm fan, ruining sidepanel. Choose silent model fan, grate and fanfilter. Try to cover up hole in an aesthetically pleasing way if possible. Anyone try this?

Option 7: Normal bottom fan. :( Seems like it would not help. The air would be pushed up before it reaches the mobo.

The reason I am looking for alternative solutions is because I don't want to use option 6 or 7 if not needed. Seems like it might not even help so trying to avoid major surgery on the case if only possible.

Thanks in advance,

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  1. Ok, so no replies yet :??: but here is some further info/thoughts:

    1) Kama Bay. Will probably be going for a Kama Bay installed over three 5.25 drivebays. Unless there are other choices? Anyone own a Kama Bay or similar product? Worth it?

    2) Kama Stay. The product looks really nice and I would be tempted if it weren't for the fact that most airflow would be hindered by the graphics card...no? Any owners who can say if this is the case?

    3) Not sure about this one...maybe...but if an own mod is the only way I will leave it for now and get back to it later if needed.

    4) Found it on the Cooler Master Shop in the Netherlands. Seems like it has limited motion... Would also block the fans on the harddrive cages in the 840...but are the optional fans needed/efficient?

    5) Not sure...the HD5850 I am planning on exhausts straight out of the case by itself so...

    6) Might disrupt airflow? Will wait for later and see if it is needed...

    7) Same problem as with 4 and will not cool anything by pointing straight up...as I see it.

    Also, maybe disabling the top fan closer to the top would improve airflow as well...

    Still waiting for advice. :bounce:
  2. Get a gelid wing12 and put it on the bottom, it has good cfm and quieter than antec 140mm tricool @ low. The gelid also has better static pressure than the noctua p12.If that's too loud, get a gelid silent 120mm, even quieter than the noctua but has half the cfm of the wing
  3. Nice fan but as I stated in 7) that would (?) only serve to push the air in the direction of...nothing...I think?

    Really need input from someone with an ATCS 840.

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