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Hi, I've been thinking that i really need to upgrade my graphics card. I'm currently using a 8500GT (600/600) but since my old one blew-up (after clocking it to 780/700) I've not been able to play crysis with the detail before (1440x900 + Medium detail). I thought about upgrading my cpu instead, but i think it should be alright for a while longer (dual-core (not core2)@3.3g) Any recommendations of a graphics card with the best bang for the buck? i really have no preference as to ATI or Nvidia.
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  1. I would then recommend an ATI HD4850 best bang for the buck at the moment.
  2. 4850
  3. Yea, but i can only find them for around $220. What's the 9600GT like? i can get that for about $160. Would i see much of a boost with a 8600GT?
  4. 9600GT is well over twice as powerful compared to the 8600.

    The 8600 were not well received and sometimes were hardly better than the 7600 series.
  5. ok, cheers. think i'll go for a 256Gddr3-9600gt. You think it will give much of a boost over my current 8500GT?
  6. If you get from you can pick up the 4850 for $169.99 with free shipping.
    Its much faster than the 9600gt(also faster than the 8800gt/9800gt as well). If you do decide to go for the 9600gt you dont want the 256MB version, you want atleast the 512MB version. The prices range from a low $84.99(shown in next link with free shipping) all the way up to $179.99.
    Several of the cards come with a free game such as Rainbow 6 Vegas2, Frontlines Fuel of War or Alone in the Dark. Over all though i suggest you save your money and get the ati 4850. Its an extremely fast card. Also explore the web for lower prices. Not that i recommend Bestbuy but Ive seen the 4850 as low as $150(about a month ago when it was on sale. Either way good luck
  7. The HD4850 is uner $150 after MIR (many examples, but here's 3 good [with better HSF] but cheap ones for $139);

    Then there's the HD4830 which starts at $130 and can be had for under $110 after MIR;

    All of those would be better than the GF9600GT.

    But you can find the GT for under $100, but you'd need to change your request then, but for this thread it's not the best choice.
  8. Don't do it man.. thats crazy talk.

    Surely you know about Newegg!?!?!?!

    Heres a 9800gt with 512mb RAM and Farcry 2 for $150

    Heres a 4850, 512mb RAM with a better cooler then reference (necessary IMO) for $159 ($139 if you use the rebate)

    WOW people post fast in here..... :ouch:
  9. Unfortunately i can't buy stuff on-line :( so I'm stuck with what is in the shop. But I'll go around a few and see if i can find a cheaper HD4850. Would like to crossfire in the future, but need a new mb first.
    Thanks guys
  10. If you can't find a cheap HD4850 locally, look for the recently launched HD4830s, they are crippled HD4850s, but are a bit better than the GF9600GT, around the performance of the GF9800GT, with some extra abilities.
  11. Best/cheapest HD4850 i can get is;
    PCI Express Slot - 512MB ASUS EAH4850/HTDI/512M

    -BẢO HÀNH 36T

    225 USD.
    May just have to wait a few weeks and see if the price comes down. jeez, the prices here are usually cheaper than back home, it's just the graphics cards which are ridiculous!
  12. It's true what the ape man says... that really is your best bet.

    I personally would beg or bribe someone with a home address or credit card (whatever you need) to get one of the internet.

    you can get a 4850 from Bestbuy right now for $185 visiontek
  13. No it's not that. I'm i a foreign country and i have a 100% tax rate for anything imported!!!!
  14. Woah, i see. Where do you live that they charge so much?
  15. Vietnam. i remember last year my old girl sent some Christmas presents over. i had to pay .10c for each individual penny chew she put in there (a few treats for my daughter)!
  16. wow that is very harsh......

    I was in Thailand last year and they have technology markets where you can obtain the latest hardware at very reasonable prices... you could probably justify the cost of the ticket and bring it back in your suitcase for that price (i do it all the time)
  17. Yea, i was thinking about doing that, but singapore for the day. plane tickets are only about $30 on offer :)
    Well, i'll shop around first. see if i can find any cheaper stores
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