New Case: Recommendations on Updating WC Loop

Hello all!

I have decided to update my old Thermaltake Shark case to something more modern and spacious.
In the process I am going to be updating my WC loop and would like some recommendations on which components to chose.

ATM I am running a 2.5-3 year old Swiftech MCP655-B Pump, Apogee GT CPU Block, 2x120mm Radiator with a pretty cheap reservoir.
More information on my current loop can be found Here as it was a simple Swiftech kit.
I am looking to update the CPU block, Reservoir, tubing and possibly the pump.
Additional parts may be added as recommended.

As all parts need to come to Germany, I am looking at purchasing from (in English, no worries) or but will not rule out other sites.
Budget is a concern but not the driving decision maker.
If there is a clearly better product, I do not have any issues spending more to get it.

This is what I am currently considering:

After having to bend the crap out of the hard drive cage in my current case to fit a 5870 I have decided I need a new, more spacious case.
I have heard good things about the Antec 1200 and CoolerMaster HAF932 cases.
Currently I am leaning towards the Antec 1200 as I have a pile of near silent 120mm fans to upgrade it with and for what appears to be very simple radiator mounting (externally, directly behind the rear exhaust fans).
Thoughts, opinions and other recommendations are welcome.

CPU Block:
I intend to use this new case and water cooling setup for quite some time.
As such, I would like a CPU block that can grow with me.
I plan to use my current LGA775 platform for the next 6-12 months before upgrading (probably to LGA1366).
I like that the Swiftech Apogee XT supports all current platforms and I hear it is an excellent performer.
Are there any other CPU blocks I should be considering?
Again thoughts, opinions and other recommendations are welcome.

My current one is pretty shitty.
Any recommendations on a new one?
Something with simpler mounting (5.25" bay or external by the radiator?), better durability and simpler filling from where ever it is mounted would be appreciated.

I know I need it but that is about it.
Guessing 5/8" OD / 7/16" ID is the way to go?
Is it worth it to go for a more expensive brand or will the cheap stuff work just as well?

Well, my current MCP655-b is getting to be about 3 years old.
I know they are pretty durable but am concerned about it failing.
Should I get a new one or run this pump to the ground?
Are there any warning signs I should keep my eyes open for in regards to a failing pump or will it quickly die?

Extra Parts:
Quality Barbs, fittings, Anti-Kink Springs, Drain Blocks, etc.
Anything further I should be considering?

My first setup was more of a quick kit than anything.
This is feeling kinda like my first true WC build and I would like to get everything right the first time.
Any and all advice and recommendations are welcome!

Thanks for your time and input!
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  1. 1. The XT is a good choice.

    2. IF you plan to go i7 get a 320/360 rad. 220 is too small for i7 920s etc.

    3. I think your pump is still fine, but you may want to ask Conumdrum or rubix about it.

    4. As for the Antec 1200vs HAF932 it really comes down to personal preference.

    5. Depending on what tubing you get, you don't really need anti kink coils. Take a look at Primoflex LRT or Tygon.
  2. Thanks for your input Shadow.

    Hopefully the others weigh in on this, the more input the better ;)

    How does the Swiftech MCR320 Radiator stack up?
    I hear they work pretty good with low CFM fans, such as I will be using.
    Would you recommend any others in its place or do you think it should do the job?

    Do you have any thoughts on the Reservoir?
    Thinking through this setup, I would probably have the 360mm Radiator peaking over the top of an Antec 1200 (to keep everything accessible).
    As such, the reservoir will need to be external mounted at least as high as the top of the radiator, right?
    Do you think it would be simpler to have a fillport or would you suggest any type of reservoir that would not look to bad zip strapped to the top of a radiator?

    Man, that Tygon Tubing is quite expensive!
    Sure hope this is the price per meter...
    If it is worth the cash though :)

    Thanks again for your input so far!
  3. Yes, the MCR320 is a very good choice for low - mid CFM fans and it's a good budget(as in <$100) rad.

    As for the res, I usually use a Micro res for the D5 or make my own res using some Polycarb,Lexane,etc and some Weld On #3.

    And yes, Tygon is expensive, so you may want to take a look at Primoflex LRT which is more or less the same.
  4. Right then.
    Looks like this is going to be my new loop:

    Swiftec MCR320
    Apogee XT
    XSPC 250mm Reservoir
    13mm FatBoy Fittings
    Tygon R3603 Tubing
    in an Antec 1200 using my old pump.
    Maybe I will even get lucky and have enough space to stuff my current rad in the loop to ^^

    Thanks again for your thoughts Shadow.
    I will be pulling the trigger tomorrow evening so if anyone has any additional recommendations, please put them in soon!
  5. ^Looks good! Btw, were you able to find the Primoflex tubing for cheaper over there?
  6. Unfortunately not.
    The only tubing brands I have available are Tygon, XSPC, Nalgene, Masterkleer and the generic stuff.
    After a bit of research I find that Masterkleer is not bad but, for a few € more, might as well get the good stuff.
  7. Quote:

    After a bit of research I find that Masterkleer is not bad but, for a few € more, might as well get the good stuff

  8. I use dual MCR320's and have had good luck with them. For the money, they work very well.
  9. That is good to hear!
    As I figured out how to get both the new 360 rad and my current 240 rad mounted quite easily, hopefully this loop will be performing quite well also :D
  10. Now this is interesting.
    Looks like Swiftech makes a version of the MCR320 with an integrated reservoir for just a few € more.
    Any thoughts on ditching the XSPC reservoir and using just this radiator?
    It would defiantly shave a few € and solve the messy issue of mounting a reservoir externally.

    Unfortunately there are no reviews on the net that I can locate :/
    Anyone heard anything about this style radiator?
  11. It's a fine rad, and exactly the same as the normal one, it just has a plug on the top. Your challenge is to be able to add water to the fillport easily. Also, the rad needs to be mounted vertically with the fillport up top.

    You see the Swiftech Rad with the built in pump and res port on top? Go to thier website, very cool. Pretty expensive though.
  12. Yeah, Swiftech's MCR Drive Series does look pretty cool.
    Everything but the CPU block and tubing.
    Great for saving space but at $210 it is a bit expensive.

    I do not think the mounting or fill port will be to much of an issue for me.
    The way I had it built in my head kept the radiator with the barbs facing down and the top sticking over the back of an Antec 1200.
    This will actually simplify everything quite a bit as I will not have to worry about mounting a reservoir sticking further over the top of the case.
    Plus it shaves ~35€ off my costs which should make the woman happy ;)

    A quick question though.
    Should I be concerned about my current pump?
    I have been running it for 2.5-3 years now, think it still has enough life in it to last me quite a while longer?
    Would you know of any maintenance measures I should take with it to make sure it keeps running?

    Thanks again for your input guys.
  13. Quote:
    I have been running it for 2.5-3 years now, think it still has enough life in it to last me quite a while longer?

    Well, my uncle still has a MCP350 still running (on a S939 build), and it's doing fine. He bought it a few weeks after release which would mean 2005(IIRC). So I think you'll be fine for at least another year with the MCP655.
  14. All you can do is open it up, inspect it and clean it up. It might last 10 years, you never know.
  15. A quick tear down and cleaning it is.

    Thanks for keeping me straight with everything guys, the order just left the warehouse :D
    I will post a few pics when ever I get around to putting it together!
  16. I must say I am quite impressed by Aquatuning and their shipping partners.
    Order was in Wednesday morning, everything was delivered by 10am Thursday even with the 9€ standard shipping :o

    The build went great and I was quite surprised how clean the CPU block, radiator and pump where.
    As I had been using Fluid XP+ :pfff: for the past 2ish years with out having ever changed the fluid, I was expecting everything to be pretty gunky.
    When I tore everything apart for cleaning, everything was already spotless!

    Anyways, here are a few pics of the rebuild:

  17. Looks good!
  18. Thanks :)
  19. first i wanna say nice build very very very nice build i herd the tempest was pretty good for a wc loop i have a armour but i havnt dived into the wc yet goign to soon hopefully ive just read alot of stuff about that case i herd the nzxt khaos case was great for that to it had plenty of room good luck tho
  20. oh just wanted to ask if you just had the cpu cooled with all that
  21. Yeah, just for the CPU.
    Perhaps a bit overkill for a Q6600 @ 3.51Ghz but it sure keeps the system quiet and cool :D

    IDK about those cases you listed.
    Not quite in my style and perhaps not so good at water cooling as you may think.
    Of the three, the Kahos seems to be the only one with holes large enough to fit decent sized tubing.
    With a price tag of $400+ USD however, I think I would skip on it.
  22. Quote:
    i herd the nzxt khaos case was great for that to it had plenty of room good luck tho

    The Khaos is a MONSTER of a case. You haven't seen the size of one have you?
  23. Yeah, its a little overboard for a Q6600 @ those clocks, but gives you some room to add your GPU if you wanted. I have a Q6600 @3.4 and SLI GTX260's running on two MCR320's and the same pump. I could always do better, but I don't want to drop the change right now to do so. :)
  24. I was thinking about it but I mess with my GPU('s) kinda often.
    Besides having to dump more cash I really do not have into it, needing to tear the loop apart every 6 months or so to add or switch GPU's really does not sound like to much fun :/

    In any case, temp and noise wise I am quite pleased with my 5870.
    It hovers in the mid 70's full load and is really quite quiet.
    Perhaps when I have more cash to dump into my system...
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