ASUS P6T Deluxe SAS RAID low performance


Today I've re-installed my system, and I have problems with low performance of my primary harddrives
I have an ASUS P6T Deluxe motherboard with internal SAS Raid controller.
To this I today attached 2x Intel Prescott (34nm) 80GB MLC SSD drives into Raid1 to have high performance on the volume

Before I was running the system on only 1 Intel SSD drive connected to the internal SATA controller

The problem is, that while the drive being attached to SATA controller as a single drive the windows performance index was 7.8
Now with 2 SSD drives connected to SAS controller in Raid1 the performance index dropped to 7.4

my question is - why?
Is it due lower performance of the controller?
The index dropped due lower writing speeds as due Raid1?
It's low because the drives were only quick-inited ?

I don't get it simply :( I really don't

I'm going to do some tests with hdparm now and hopefully I'll get to the 300MB/s read mark. If not, then it's seriously stupid

Help please :(

PS: the rest of the system ain't the bottleneck (i7 920, 12GB Ram, SLI/GTX285), all firmware on both MB and SAS controllers are up-to-date + the index WAS higher
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  1. hdparm was at 160MB/s which is ~100MB/s lower than with single SSD connected to SATA.
    Averages on HDTune / HDTach are aswell around 160MB/s
  2. Maybe you have a weak controller. Good controllers cost money, and skimping on the controller will surely mean lower performance.
  3. Was the onboard Marvell one. So that's probbably the bottleneck :( went back to original setup. thanks for the tip
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