How do I keep my hard drives ready/spun up?

EVGA classified mobo running raid 5 to three terabyte drives for my d drive. Every time I want to access the drive, I hear the three drives spin up one at a time in sequence and have to wait. How can I keep them ready?

Win 7 pro 64
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  1. interesting question i would be interested to know the answer to this as well.
  2. Hmm check the power management profile and see if the HDDs are set to power down, and if so how fast.
  3. What kind of drives are they? If they're low-power "green" drives then it's normal for the drive firmware to spin the platters down if they haven't been accessed for several seconds - that's a function of the drive itself, not the RAID controller, and AFAIK there's nothing you can do to stop it short of having a program that accesses the drives (bypassing Windows caching) every few seconds.
  4. Drives are spinpoint f1 raid edition. I went into power management and the hard drives are set to turn off after 20 minutes. I can't see how to disable this. I tried increasing the value but it resets to 20 minutes.
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