E8400 P5Q first time overclock

Ok, so I have been pouring over forums all this morning on how to overclock a processor but I want to just doublecheck to make sure I am doing this correctly. Here are my system specs;

Antec 300 case
P5Q SE PLUS motherboard
E8400 Processor
4 gb DDR2 800 memory.

I do not have any coolng systems except for stock :( . so I would like to only overclock it a little bit before I get it as high as I can stabley. I have seen videos and forums saying to get it to 3.6 GHZ I would need to increas the FSB to 400, but I would only like to go to 3.3 GHZ at first, and then maybe go to 3.6 GHZ. So my question is what FSB should I go to to get to 3.3 GHZ, also any tips would be welcomed! THANKS!!!!
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  1. Also the hardware monitor on BIOS says CPU temperature: 39.5 C and mobo temp is 24 C
  2. First, read a couple OCing guides.

    Second, OCing on stock cooler may not work, you should download coretemp or realtemp and Prime95. Run Prime and monitor your temps (at stock speed) to see if you even have the headroom needed to OC with your current cooler.

    OH, 3.33 GHZ is 370 FSB, but if you are not familiar with even the CPU multiplier, again I would suggest doing some reading.
  3. thanks for the responce but now, what would a good voltage be? thans in advance!
  4. here's the sticky : http://www.tomshardware.com/forum/240001-29-howto-overclock-quads-duals-guide

    all the info about FSB, voltage, cooling, bios settings and all of your question.

    the key is reading and a lot of research when you don't know.
  5. Next stop should be a guide for your particular motherboard. Google is your friend.

    For a serious overclock, you will need better cooling. Here are three under $50 heatsinks that are pretty popular:
    Xigmatec Dark Knight

    I've added this one, because it is starting to get really popular:
    COOLER MASTER Hyper 212 Plus

    They all require a somewhat different approach to applying thermal compound.
    Suggestions for applying thermal compound:
  6. E8400 are a sweet chip to OC, set the FSB to 400 and DON'T TOUCH THE VOLTAGES! If your board has an auto setting just leave it alone. I have built multiple systems with the E8500 & E8400 and OC'd them all at a 400 FSB and no problems at all even with stock cooling, just download speedfan to be safe but I have never seen one get over 50c running Prime95.
  7. ^+1

    it should be quite easy to achieve 3.6Ghz with stock volts but of course that is not guarranteed and depend on yur VID.
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