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Recently, I purchased a USB drive from Staples. When I got it home I installed the Microsoft USB installation software and of the Windows 7 64-bit download (from the Microsoft website) to the flash drive. Everything went fine. Later in the week, my daughter came by to have me check her USB drive for a virus and it had one. So, I removed it and as my curiosity took over I checked my other USB drives. All my other drives check out fine except the one with the Windows installation software and the Windows 7 64- bit download files. The third party USB virus program had detected a virus on the USB drive with Windows on it. I have ran my other anti virus programs and they have found nothing. Any advise on what to do next. Thanks
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    My guess is that the virus checker is considering the USB key to be infected simply because it's bootable. Viruses often use bootable USB drives to propogate and there are very few non-virus reasons to have one - but a Windows install kit is one of them.
  2. Yea, that makes sense. I didn't think of it that way. That's exactly what I read about the Virus checker. Thanks a lot. Makes me feel a lot better. Nooby mistake. Sorry for the hassle.
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  4. No worries! Viruses are scary things, and you're wise to be wary.
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