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Hey guys - building a PC for a friend. All he does is audio editing, so GPU isn't important. Has to be the cheapest thing possible that will do the job. Just a few things that this card must abide by:

Must be fanless
Must be dual monitor capable - DVI or VGA doesn't matter, I have plenty of converters, whatever's cheapest.

Right now I'm going for this -

Which is $34.99 after rebate.

Can anyone beat it?
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  1. If you planned on using a AMD cpu, you could use the cheapest 780g motherboard out there.
  2. LOL, how are we supposed to beat a deal like $35 when it also includes a game worth $35 or more? Go for it :)
  3. The game isn't worth anything to him, but I'm just making sure.
  4. That's the best card for the money.
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