E6400 clocking problems

Hi all.

This is my first post at toms, but I've often found the website useful to read. I am attempting to overclock my e6400 conroe from 2.13Ghz. The maximum I can currently get it to is 3.4Ghz, but id like to reach 3.9 if possible ( I have watercooling so heat isnt an issue). for a stable 3.4Ghz, here are my settings:

CPU Freq : 427mhz
CPU ratio : 8
CPU voltage : 1.475V

Mother Board : ASRock P45XE
PSU : 1000W
GPU : 2 crossfired 3850x2's
OS : Windows 7 Pro 64

I know the motherboard isn't great, and that the RAM is kinda gutless (therefore post just outlining this wont be required :-p), but there must be a way of getting higher than 3.4Ghz.

Kindest Regards,
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  1. how hot is it getting?
  2. I've had it running now for about 10hrs and its spent all day under stress tests and moving 200GB of data, it keeps at a steady 42*C.
  3. what I would do, is set your CPU multiplier down to the lowest setting and gradually raise the FSB until your computer is unstable. If you can't raise the voltage on the FSB anymore, that is your max FSB wall.
    That way you can see if you are hitting a FSB wall or if your CPU is the problem.
  4. You may simply have reached the limits of your CPU. 3.4 GHz out of an E6400 is pretty good.
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