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I finally after reading a lot of stuff overclocked my 7750 BE at 2.8GHz. I know it is nothing but it means a lot to me, because I am a novice overclocker. But I wanna know HOW FAR CAN I GO BY ONLY CHANGING THE MULTIPLIER, cuz I don't want to mess with other things. Please note that it's stock cooled.
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  1. That CPU will achieve around 3.1/3.2Ghz at the most. Make sure you monitor temps if you are willing to go that high....
  2. You might reach 3.0Ghz stable on stock voltage, after that you'll need to increase voltage. You'll probably max out by 3.2, but if your really lucky may reach 3.4.
  3. I was able to reach 3.3Ghz using a kuma 7750 about 10 months ago, they are not great overclockers since they are handicapped agenas that did not pass QC. AMD decided to sell them as cheap dual cores intead of trashing them...
  4. It will be hard to go over 2.8GHz only adjusting the multiplier, especially with the stock cooling. To squeeze more out of it you should lower your HT link multiplier to 5x (1Ghz 5x200 MHz). A lower HT multiplier will help with stability and you can raise the HT link multiplier back up latter (incrementally and testing for stability at each step) after you have settled on a final CPU overclock. With a lower HT multiplier you can also lower the CPU NB voltage (the northbridge memory and HT link controller in the AMD CPU) one or two steps. That will help a little with temps. Even with all that some Kuma samples will not be able to reach 3.0GHz at stock voltage so you may just have to raise up the vcore a step. If you do, I hope you're using something better than the stock cooler, or at least have good case ventilation. :D
  5. yea he is using the stock cooler.... as long as he monitors the CPU temp he should be fine... But I would not expect more than 3.2ghz.....
  6. Today I reached the 3.0ghz only by changing the multiplier. But as long as I have only the stock cooler and no case fans I don't want to risk because my temps where high as 40C idle at Core Temp. Today I will get 2 80mm case fans to put on the back of my case. Do you think they wil be sufficent to lower the temps by 10C or I will need a good CPU cooler?
  7. It depends, what case do you have?

    I don't think 2 fans (exhaust) will lower your temps by 10c... It will help though...
  8. It depends, what case do you have?

    I don't think 2 fans (exhaust) will lower your temps by 10c... It will help though...[/quotemsg
    This is my case:
    Do you think 2 exhaust 80mm fans at the back of the case will help or should I buy a 120mm exhaust fan at the side.
  9. My suggestion would be to invest later on in a case with better airflow. You can grab an antec 300 for less than 70.00$ (illusion) and it will improve your temps by a very high percentage. The case comes with all the fans you need... Just a suggestion =)

    Antec Three Hundred Illusion Black Steel ATX Mid Tower Computer Case - Retail

    If that is not an option, I would recommend these :


    Installing a fan/fans in your case will not drop the temps that much unless your case has a front intake. You need fresh air comming in the front and exit'ing the rear to get optimal airflow.
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