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Greetings everybody, this is my first posting here so be gentle lol. I am having a problem with a hd 3650 card i bought a month ago. I just bought a samsung t220 22" monitor and i can't seem to get it to work on the dvi port (it has both dvi and vga inputs). Whenever i connect it to the dvi on the card, it does not get any signal. However, when i use a dvi>vga dongle and plug it into the analog port of the monitor, it works. I went to a friend's house and tested the monitor on his graphics card and over there it works so it's not faulty.
Can someone please help me?! My friend said maybe i need some bios settings changed or maybe with the catalyst drivers (i am using 8.10) but i have no clue...anyone?!
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  1. Let me see if I understand it right:

    1. The DVI output on your card is fine because it works when used with the DVI/VGA adapter.

    2. The DVI input on your monitor is fine because it works with your friend's card.

    Maybe your DVI cable is bad. Did you use the same DVI cable at the friend's house, or his cable?
  2. 1. yes
    2. yes

    I used the same cable and it worked with his 8600 gt. When i got home, the monitor did not get a signal it's very frustrating.
  3. I'm assuming you tried both DVI ports and they behave the same way?
  4. I did try them both and nothing, the monitor displays a message saying it cannot find a signal-please check connection.
    I am running out of ideas really.
    One question though, if i leave the lcd on the vga connection (the only way which it works) will i get a worse picture then pure dvi?
  5. Not really. I used my LG 20" monitor like that (DVI/VGA adapter + VGA cable) for a few days after I bought it, then I bought a DVI cable and used it instead. I can't say I noticed a difference. In theory, yes, with DVI you avoid converting digital to analog (in the adapter) and then back to digital (in the monitor). IN practice, these conversions are done well enough so they don't hurt, but that's just my 2 cents.

    Still, I'd contact the manufacturer (Sapphire or whoever made the card) and ask them what's going on. If it's something you need to do in software you might be lucky to find a competent support guy who can tell you what. If the card is defect, it's best to know and replace it before the warranty expires.
  6. Hey Mikey and aevm,

    I too am having the exact same problem as Mikey. I have a ATI Radeon 3650 with a DVI port and a VGA port. When I connect up the VGA it works fine, when I connect the DVI output I get no signal. I too have gone through pretty much the same procedure as Mikey.

    I tried to go online to the AMD website, but that was a nightmare because there must be about 30 companies that manufacture boards and instead of listing all the boards, you have to click on every company to try to find the appropriate board. I found one that had 3 variants of the 3650. My card came pre-installed so I couldn't figure out the variant and the System Information doesn't give the info either.

    I also went another route and contacted HP (as I bought an HP PC with the board). I don't know what planet the helpdesk guy was on but he was suggesting that the port won't work unless I'm watching HD DVDs or have a HDTV tuner fitted (which I do by the way). The ATI CCC is no help either, you would have thought they'd put some sort of smarts in there to see if the port was working
  7. Sorry to hear that, man.

    Yeah, the support guy was wrong. In his defense, support people are often trained too little, underpaid and overworked. I've done support for a tech company myself once and it was the worst 6 months of my life.

    If you open the HP and look at the card you may be able to figure out who made it and contact their support. At worst, take a photo and post it and I'm sure somebody can identify it.
  8. Ok guys, I've resolved my issue. I removed both the Radeon and the TV tuner and put a cheap nasty graphics card in (I have lots of junk like that lying around). I booted the machine and deleted all the drivers software etc... for both. I then removed the cheap card and put the Radeon in and booted with the VGA connection. I loaded the software and then rebooted with the DVI connection. I then installed my TV tuner again and it's all up and running hunky dory.

    So I'm kinda guessing that the QA at HP isn't so hot.

    Hope this helps you out Mikey.

    Best Regards

  9. Cool!!!

    BTW, there's a free utility called Driver Cleaner you can download for that sort of thing.
  10. Hi i too had the very same problem. I'm running a 22inch LG lcd on my ATI 3650HD. But after playing around with the advance display settings in the ATI Catalyst i got it to work.
    All you had to do was enable the GPU setting and then it was working fine.
    Hope this helps
  11. darren22 said:
    Hi i too had the very same problem. I'm running a 22inch LG lcd on my ATI 3650HD. But after playing around with the advance display settings in the ATI Catalyst i got it to work.
    All you had to do was enable the GPU setting and then it was working fine.
    Hope this helps

    can you please elaborate? what gpu setting?
  12. Have a look at this site
    "Digital Panel GPU image scaling"

    This release of Catalyst™ introduces a new setting that allows users to enable GPU accelerated scaling for Wide aspect LCD displays. The new setting Maintain aspect ratio improves the display resolution image quality when scaling is enable by maintaining the wide panel aspect ratio (stops the image from looking distorted)

    If you using DVI connection make sure that your monitor is set to DVI and not VGA, as this also caused a problem for me because you have to select on the monitor which connection to use.
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