Windows xp pro to xp media center ed

My compuer I found out is a little confused right now. When building my new computer, I dual boot between Win 7 and Win XP Pro.

My friend had a copy of xp Pro, while my old PC was XP Media Center Ed. And since I kept my old HD and didn't quite work right as a slave drive... We used his XP pro with my product key.

Now Winders media player won't upgrade to version 11 only version 10. Any ideas on fixing this or windows?
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  1. Let's back up, you skipped about 10 steps in your description.

    You installed XP Pro as a clean setup it looks like correct? Did you run MS Updates to get all the patches? System drivers OK?

    Is the only thing not working is that Media Player won't go past 10? What errors do you get? Try this downoad
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