Need help on which sound card...Fast!

Hi .. I'm buying a sound card mostly for movies and gaming by tomorrow. I am considering Asus Xonar dx, X-fi xtremegamer fatil1ty, or x-fi xtremegamer

1. What's the best among the 3??

2. I heard there are issues on nforce mobos and creative cards? I have EVGA 650i Ultra, will I encounter any compatibility issues?

3. What's the difference between fatal1ty edition and the xtremegamer only? If i'm going with the non-fatal1ty, is it better than asus xonar dx?

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  1. also if i'd go with the xonar, does it have dts decoding? i think it doesn't have it, while the xtremegamer has it (i think). how can solve this issue? if i will play hd movies which may have dolby digital ex or dts neo6, how can i decode them if i use the xonar (which only has dolby digital decoding)?
  2. Hi John,

    I have not had the Sonar, so cannot somment on that.

    However, I am a musician/producer(ableton,reason and cubase), developer and gamer, and I run Vista 64 (o/s important when choosing sound card) and love my X-Fi Xtreme Gamer.

    Signal/Noise ratio is excellent, it has everything I could possibly need and the software package is great (really, the best I have seen).

    I don't know about surround etc, but the Xtreme GAmer is everything I need, and quite possibly everything you need too.

    Bear in mind that the Creative cards are the specified cards for gaming (EAX etc) and the decision should come a little easier :)
  3. how about the issues on the mobos? what mobo do you have the x-fi on?
  4. I am running it on an Abit IP35P.

    Here is an old forum thread about NForce4 and X-Fi.


    I can't find any threads of issues with your specific motherboard and x-fi.

    Good luck, hope it helps.
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