Whats too hot or dangerous temp for the i7 860

Right now im running the i7 860 4gb ram and a gtx275. Today, i used speedfan and noticed that my Core temps were at like

Core 0 65c
Core 1 65c
Core 2 61c
Core 3 63c
Core 4 64c
Core 5 64c
Core 6 63c

GPU 51c

Are these dangerous temperatures? I used to use a laptop that ranged from 60-80C, i knew that was hot, especially for a laptop, but is it real bad for a desktop as well?
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  1. It depends, you don't say what was going on when you had these readings.

    If it's idle temps, YES it's way too hot.

    If it's Prime/IBT (or other stress test) temps, then NO, the temps are fine.
  2. sorry, i shouldve given more info. I check it while playing some games, after i was playing for like 30 minutes
  3. You are better off running a stress test so your cpu is running at 100% to see what your maximum temps will be.
  4. Run OCCT and see what it does to CPU / GPU voltage and temps. If that's acceptable, try Prime95 for CPU ... OCCT does the monitoring for you...with P95, you'll need coretemp / realtemp
  5. ^ +1. I found Speed Fan to reports temperatures that were too low, the offsets* were not adjusted correctly for the 1156 CPUs. Always better to verify temps with a second utility.

    RealTemp can be downloaded here: http://www.techpowerup.com/realtemp/
    Or their latest RC (3.5 RC6): http://www.softpedia.com/get/System/System-Info/Real-Temp.shtml

    CoreTemp can be found here: http://www.alcpu.com/CoreTemp/

    EDIT: *To be more technically correct, I believe it was using the wrong max value. I had to adjust the offset to get the correct temperature.
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