PCI 2.3 or PCI-Express suitable LVD SCSI Controller


I have an LTO1 tape drive, which has a LVD SCSI interface. My problem is to find a SCSI controller which works in a PCI 2.3 slot (which provides ONLY 3.3 V, not 5V!) without breaking the bank.

This is a dual-core machine. I do have one PCI 2.3 slot available, and one PCI Express slot.

I tried an Adaptec 29160 card, and while it physically fits, the machine doesn't even post when it is plugged in...

Any recommendations?


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  1. Not really, this is all old stuff, and do you really want to rely on using tapes that require obscure hardware to be accessible? I would drop the whole tape plan and focus on HDD instead; much cheaper, faster, better.
  2. While LTO1 is older, obscurity is not as bad.... LTO1 tapes can be read by LTO2 and LTO3 drives, no problem :-) That's the whole premise of LTO...
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