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My computer has basically been running flawlessly since I built it earlier this spring. While surfing the net last night, my computer suddenly shuts off. I pressed the power button and when it gets to the windows loading screen, it shuts off again. I pressed the power button yet again and it shuts off before the windows loading screen pops up. By now I knew that something wasn't right, so I went into the BIOS and noticed that my cpu was at least 80 C and rising by the second.

I turned it off for a several minutes to let it cool off and I went back to the BIOS and it was at 50 C and rising by the second again. I exited BIOS and this time I was able to get to my desktop; I opened up speedfan and core temp and my cpu was definitely running hot. Core temp was getting a reading of about 70-80 C and speedfan was somewhere around 50-60 C. I got chickened so I shut it down for the night, hoping that all it needed is a good cleaning.

Today, I took it outside to clean (I didn't want all the disgusting dust flying all in my room) where it was barely 10 F (I live in the midwest). After cleaning, I powered up my pc again and went to the BIOS and right away, my CPU was at 30+ C and rising extremely fast. I couldn't even get to the desktop before it shuts off. Right now, I'm thinking that it's either my CPU, or PSU or maybe even a virus. My CPU is a intel e6750 with a stock heatsink & fan. My power supply is a HEC-650DR 650 watts. When I turn on my pc, all the lights, fans, etc comes on.

Obviously I'm sure the problem is due to my cpu getting so hot. I'm usually idling close to 30 C and after a gaming session, my cpu quickly drops back to idle temps.

So, I need some help figuring out why my cpu is getting so hot so quickly or what's causing it to do that? Is it that my cpu just got fried? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
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  1. Does the CPU fan actually spin?

    Try reseating and reapply some thermal paste.

    It definetly wont be a virus, and probably not the PSU.

    EDIT: Try resetting CMOS too, maybe its pumping too much voltage through the CPU or some else is set wrong.
  2. Yes, the cpu fan and all the other fans I have connected spin. I did try reseating and I wiped off the old paste and applied some arctic silver.

    Unfortunately that didn't seem to matter much. I've beginning to think that it's either of 2 things: 1) I'm not seating the heatsink thoroughly enough (I really really hate those damn push-pins). 2) As you said the voltage might be off somehow, even though I've no idea how that could've happened as I haven't gone to my BIOS in a while.
  3. Well, I'm nearly 100% certain that it's my HSF that's causing the problem. A friend of mine had a similar problem when his a peg from his heatsink broke and his computer wouldn't start very far before shutting down. It seems like he's got a working replacement and his PC seems to be running fine now.

    Anyway, I just placed an order for a new heatsink, the Xigmatek HDT-S1283, along with a new, larger case (cm 590, and hopefully it'll be large enough). I'll post again once everything gets fitted.
  4. i hope you got the backplate for the s1283, cos otherwise it will most likely pop out with those pushpins...
  5. Yeah, I forgot to mentioned that I got the bolt kit as well. I was going to get the sunbeam CCF, but the pegs turned me off. I'm trying to avoid anything that involves little plastic pegs or pins.
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