Phenom II 940...$370

...or so says this

Says "temporarily not in stock" of course. We saw this with the i7 before it went on sale offically, and If i remember correctly the prices they had for the i7 940 were right, but were way off for the i7 920. Or well....they were kind of swapped around with the extreme. Whatever, anyways...

More at $300-$400 -, ,!ORDERID! , , ,

Of course these are all premature and cant be bought, but all these ones at $300 may lend faith to that early prediction/estimate of $275.
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  1. Nooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!, too expensive amd.!!!!
  2. My expectation is that Phenom II will barely beat older Core 2 Quads and almost match current Core 2 Quads. That means it will be sold at a premium (compared to Phenom). Considering the prices for faster Intel quads, $275 for a Phenom isn't bad, and $370 for the 3.0 unlocked is actually reasonable.

    Keeping in mind the lower cost of AMD motherboards and DDR2 compared to i7, and we might have a resurgence in AMD profits as people upgrade over 2009. I probably won't upgrade until early 2010, but I'm sure that many holding out with Athlon X2's on AM2+ boards will.
  3. If the 940 is 275$, the 920 should be alot lower, as its not a BE. Having a BE thats a lil faster than Conroe for 275$ will get alot of attention
  4. I'll wait for AM3, maybe, or perhaps wait for the next 32nm CPU from AMD. My last CPU was AMD so I'll give them a try after My C2D gets old. As of now, my E6750 @ 3.7 Ghz works just fine.
  5. Yessssss!!!!!!!!!!, make a profit amd.!!!!
  6. Those early sites always overprice a bit, though the prices I saw on google shopping were in the $300 for the 940 and $250 for the 920 (and an expected availability of 12/27/2008, as Fudzilla says as well).
  7. Price is usually the best indicator of performance, hopefully it is in this case, too.
  8. I don't think that is right. I think Phenom II 940 should be available for $240 at newegg if AMD hopes of making a profit on the start of February as some reviews suggest it's performance but we can't trust them. Then it should be available for Under $220 when AM3 releases. Then when Lynnfield comes out, it should go even lower.

    As for AMD, its 32nm will arrive in 2011 and is codenamed 'Orochi' which is a new codename replacing 'Bulldozer'. It will have >4 cores and >8MB cache and that's long long away. It will be a completely changed processor. AMD might just survive if they keep lowering their Phenom II processors' price.
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