I7 920 overclocking on x58 Asrock Supercomputer !

My system is the following:X58 Asrock Supercomputer Board,I7 920 with Corsair H50 Close circuit watercooler with 1 standard fan on it,DDR3 OCZ Gold 1600MHZ 6GB ram,5870 Sapphire graphic card 1 GB ,850 W corsair non modular power supply,WD Caviar Black 1TB + 1Standard DVD burner that all bundled up in HAF 922 (Used cable managment) with full fans inside so


Ok i am experianced with pc's i build them from a while i also know what an CORe and UNCORE is how the multipliers work and what FSB is including the speed of the ram ETC ETC but to the point.I am not exactly certain on how i must proceed with voltage tweaking and if it's even neccesery for what i want to do.I want to reach 3.0GHZ 3.2GHZ On my I7 core but do i need to use Voltage for that or can i just FSB it my motherboard also has turbo mode but that ís from 3.6Ghz above

Any help with the voltage and how to reach 3.2 ghz would greatly be appreciated or 3.0
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  1. Have you bothered to read the manual for the Supercomputer? Have you gone into the BIOS to check out all the possible oc settings?

    ASRock makes it pretty easy to oc the i7 from the base 2.66GHz to at leat 3.6GHz by using the Smart/OC Tweaker section of the BIOS. There are preset oc settings that you can simply select and then save and reboot to have a stable oc. If you use the preset oc settings in the Smart/OC Tweaker menu, the mobo automatically adjusts the voltages and FSB to achieve the oc you choose. No need to manually set the FSB, Uncore, or Core values unless you want to manually manipulate them.

    I don't have the X58 Supercomputer as I am using the X58 Extreme but all it takes to oc my i7-920 to 4GHz is using the Smart/OC Tweaker presets in the BIOS and then a reboot. It is as easy as that, one settings change in the Smart/OC Tweaker menu in the BIOS and I am oc'd to 4GHz without the need to adjust any other values in the BIOS.
  2. Yes i have bothered to do so and i think it will go to hot if i put it on 3.6 that;'s why i am aiming for 3.1 3.2 that's the whole point and trust me i have read everything about it i am not that blind
  3. So really, your primary concern isn't about how to overclock as much as it is to if you overclock too much that heat will become an issue; hence, wanting to know how to oc only to 3.1/3.2GHz rather than the pre-sets available in the BIOS.

    Well, if that's the really the issue, I can say with certainty that even with the stock cooler inside the HAF 922, having your i7 920 oc'd to the lowest pre-set of 3.6GHz, it will not over heat or get "too" hot. If you are using the stock cooler, and if temps are a concern, then get a good after market heatsink and oc without worry. Of course, high ambient temps and air flow will have an effect but not to the point where you would fry the cpu.

    I've got my i7 920 inside a HAF932 on a ASRock X58 Extreme with a Scythe Mugen2 and have oc'd it to 3.6GHz without any concern for temps...I typically idle at 39/40 and get as high as 51/52 under full load at 100% on all 8 cores using multiple instances of Prime95.

    Again, the mobo oc pre-sets will adjust the voltage/uncore accordingly.

    Hope that helps...
  4. But i do not have the STOCK cooler i have a Corsair H50 Cooler
    It is a Closer circuit water cooler
  5. Given that you are using the H50, which performs on par or if not better than after market air coolers, having the cpu get "too" hot is not going to be an issue. You should be able to oc you 920 to 4GHz using the H50 without having to worry about temps.

    Fact is, you can oc the 920 and monitor the temps, and if it gets too hot, then back the oc down or don'[t oc at all if you are not comfortable with the temps.
  6. On top of that, you shouldn't have to change voltages on your i7 if your goal is only 3.2Ghz. the i7 can get to 3.5 without much problem on stock voltage of 1.25.
  7. Well 'thanks guys that's enough information for me this far
  8. I've got an Asrock x58 extreme and I am hitting a stable 3.5 GHz with no changes to any of the voltages. I highly recommend not using the Easy OC bundled in the BIOS (at least through my experience with the extreme). They use way too much voltage.
  9. I do 3150MHz on stock voltage and that's with an i7 920 C0 stepping so a D0 should go past 3.3-3.4GHz on stock volts, hell I've seen people run 4.0GHz on less than 1.3v with a D0.
  10. yeah well stock voltages sound really good about now since i am not exactly the best overclocker when it comes to the voltages :P it will still be a matter of cooling with the corsair h50 if i can figure out what i've done wrong to have 38 idle temps < <
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