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is the stock cooler that comes with the q6600 enough? also if I just went with the stock cooler would I still need to buy seperate thermal grease/paste?

thanks for any help

p.s. sorry if this is a stupid question
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  1. well it is good enough to get you to 3.0ghz without too much drama, but i would still recommend an aftermarket heatsink anyway, purely for temps.

    the Q6600 cooler is much larger than the 45nm's tho so..

    better TIM would slightly improve temps from the stock crap, but really, a better heatsink would be better price/performance wise.
  2. it wouldnt come with it if it wasnt enough...

    If you are going to overclock a third party is a must have.

    Stock comes with the thermal grease you need
  3. thanks a lot this will really help me
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