Dan's First Build check it out

This is my first system im looking for feedback or suggestions ..be nice this is my first build as i new nothing befor this about building a computer and im still workin on my cpu overclocking because its a little touchy even with BE 9850 and with a compact system like this it hard to reset bios with switch lol

here is photobucket link


Thanks alot guys
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  1. It's very nice.

    Kind of a shame to throw water cooling at an AMD :) It's like putting a turbocharger on a Kia.

    Still, I'd say you did really well for a first build.
  2. You just had this posted on here yesterday under a different thread. Only difference this time is your showing the Z5500.

    As I said yesterday nice build.
  3. now that is a funny analogy!
  4. oOo, fancy!

    nice water system on the 900 :)
  5. Yea people didnt like to download the pdf i found out because they were scared so i put it on phtobucket but photoshop changed quality and it too focused so it actually blurred it a little.Thats why i reposted with photobucket
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