HDD drive s not detected in windows seven

recently i installed windows seven on ma intel 845gv system, i got 2 hdd's 1 s 40gb n another 1 s 320gb, i hav installed d OS in 40GB drive, but problem s 40gb has 2 partition n 320gb has 3 partations, but in my computer its showing 2 partition from 40gb n only 1 partition from 320gb , remaining partition s not showen in my computer, n al total 5 partitions from 2 HDD's s showen in disk management. plz let me knw wats d issue in dis as soon as possible. pls kindly help me out of this thing..
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  1. When you say the partition is "not shown", do you mean that it isn't even visible in Disk Manager or that it just doesn't have a drive letter and so it doesn't show up in Windows Explorer?

    Windows creates a 100MB "System Reserved" partition that doesn't have a drive letter - that's perfectly normal. If you have any other partitions without drive letters then you should be able to right-click on them in Disk Manager and assign drive letters to them.
  2. but its visible in the disk manager.. not show up in windows explorer. n d hidden partations doesnt have any drive letter also . if i RIGHT CLICK on d drive in disk manager i vl only get dis options mark partition as active , change drive letter, format del volume, properties. only these options r enable. if i click on change drive letter i vl get these error " the operation failed to complete because the disk manahement console view is not up-to-date". n etc.. lik dis
  3. youll have to format them to get them to be seen in windows explorer
  4. There's a post in the thread below which suggests that if you uninstall the USB drivers and reboot then the drivers will be reinstalled and the problem will go away.

    There's also some info in the thread about bypassing Disk Manager altogether and using the command line to assign a drive letter, although it's not clear to me that how it would work for multiple partitions on a disk.

  5. but prob s if i format it i vl loose around 120gb of ma data.
  6. Uninstalling the USB drivers will not format the drive, nor will assigning a drive letter using the command line.
  7. kk i changed d drive letter for 1 partation , its showing .. n in another partations drive letter thng s not working ..
  8. And the main thing is both d HDD's are internal itself n iboth r IDE .
  9. Have you tried uninstalling the USB drivers? Even though the affected drives aren't USB themselves, if you have something like a USB card reader attached I can see how it might affect disk manager and give you that error message.
  10. i havent attached any of d usb devices..itself
  11. Don't know what else to suggest then...
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