Core i7 OC - Too cool to be true?

Am I doing something wrong here?

I have overclocked my Core i7 920 to 3.75 GHz on eVGA X58 SLI LE motherboard. I am running a Cooler Master V8. Now granted, it is pretty cold in my room in NYC with the freezing weather and all but I am getting idle temperature of 25C and a full Prime95 load temperature of 59C.

The i7 was running 25C and about 52C at stock speeds and barely went up when overclocked. Computer Properties and CPU-Z all state that I am running at 3.75 GHz but I just don't see the thermal output change to match this. Tell me I'm just being paranoid.
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  1. Jacob,

    I am running @ 4.035 HT off and I get around 55C @ 1.12 Vcore.

    So, I'd say that seems about right, you have your HT on? What are your Voltages set too?
  2. Wow that is awesome. Yes, I have HT on and my VCore is 1.247.

    i7 920 is a great CPU.
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