Good case?, bad case?

I really wanted to get a cheap case to keep my first build to stay under budget, so i picked out this one.


but after reading posts hear and on other sites, i was thinking that i shouldn't overlook the case and it is an important part of my build?

if this isn't a good case any suggestions on one that might be?
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  1. All out on the case ay haha

    I would suggest this one

    Most important thing about cases is airflow, that case you got has one rear 120mm fan and probably not a good quality one. The Antec 300 has 1x140 1x120 with the option for 3 more 120mm fans... not that much dearer but the quality improvment is out of sight.
  2. What chookman said. For a few dollars more the Antec Three Hundred is a much better quality case.
  3. CoolerMaster makes some very good cases. I build pc's for friends, neighbors, and girlfriends. Last year I built 4 pc's using the CoolerMaster Centurian 590 case:

    It has better ventilation than the case you're looking at.
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