Help with 600-700 dollar build

OK so i just joined and was wondering if you guys could help me.

I am looking to buy or build a gaming desktop for 600-700 dollars (b4 tax). I realize that this is not a huge budget, but it's what I've got to work with.

So what do u guys think i shud get? Keep in mind that I am in Canada, so if all prices could be in Canadian dollars, from a Canadian site, it would be great.

I was thinking of buying a ~$400 system from futureshop, and buying maybe an 8800 gt to upgrade. I may also need to buy a new psu.

here is the link for the type of thing i was thinking of. there are a few different options here:


PS: I dont really know much about power requirements. I know it doesnt say what psu these boxes have, but prob ~300W. Would an 8800GT run on that? Also on the phenom one, i could (and would) take out the 8500 gt......would this free up enuff power to runa better card (ie. 8800 gt??)

Finally, I can get a 9800 gtx+ for 190$. If this would work with the budget, it would be great (unless the processor would drag it down so as to not give great performance anyways)

sryy...finally, keep in mind that i do not plan to upgrade this computer...i will only be using it for a round a year.
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  1. Ouch, don't buy one of those, we can do far better for you.

    You should hold off for a few days though :)

    That should be a good thing.

    Here's a parts list I did for someone else, it's US newegg but it's a good place to start. Right in your price range probably:
  2. ok thanx...i am definitely willing to build a comp and would love the experience...i just thought that buying and upgrading would be cheaper at this price can you give me some links to parts that u would recommend for my build?
  3. Also, the 9800GTX+ would have been badly bottlenecked by those CPUs.. this one would do the job. Possibly we could upgrade you to an E8400 as well, once we see how your prices go.
  4. Those are nice systems, so long as you keep the upgrades to a minimum.
    The BIOS is locked, so you will not be able to OC.
    The result is you are going to have limited performance.
    You will also need to replace the PSU as you noted.

    Once NewEgg.CA is up, try and build a system and then compare.

    If you are looking for a simple system and light gaming, then one of the HP systems may work. But if you really want to do more, you will need get a significantly better system.
  5. ok kool ya i'll wait for newegg in canda (thanx for letting me now it is gonna be really nice!)
  6. Prox is totally right we can do way better than those rigs he are some links to newegg for some stuff i would suggest....

    C2D 5200 85$

    visiontek 4850 185$

    corsair 2X2GB DDR2 800 $80

    western digital 320GB HDD $60

    antec 300 $55

    corsair 550watt PSU $100

    Gigabyte EP45-DS3L $100

    and +$100 for OS

    thats a killer rig for $750 i know it is a little over but the 4850 will crush that 8800gt if you want to save a bit the best way is to get a 9800GT and the 450watt PSU but personally i would leave that build alone

    honestly tho as long as you don't buy the two pre-built systems listed up top i will be happy

    good luck and hope this helps(sorry all the stuff is US pricing)
  7. alright thanx a lot. checking some of the products, it seems that you took the prices b4 rebates, so that's an extra 100 dollars off! sweet! and as far as an OS goes, I have a windows xp home disk that i could use. Im kinda scared of vista, and i believe that it is for good reason. I like newegg, not that ive ever used it, but it seems that most of the shipping is free. even with converting to canadian dollars, it seems that this build would be around 700 bucks, which is perfect. and ya maybe i would upgrade to the e8400. looks good guys! i'll wait till the first to see gow the canadian newegg looks, what the prices are like etc. btw, if anyone cares i am hoping to play crysis warhead, assassin's creed, prob gta4 when it comes out in november for pc...thanx!
  8. o and one last thing...would a hdd with 16mb cache be a lot better? i thot it would be, but i obviously know nothing compared to u guys, so watever
  9. Yes, although 32MB is generally not an improvement, at least for WD.
    Not sure what I had listed for you, and the newegg wishlist server is down.

    Ideally, you would get this if you can afford it:
  10. ok so now that newegg canada is up and running, we can get on with getting me this beasty! I'm going to work on my own build and post it for review, or if you want you could just post some components. on the other hand, maybe i'll just try to find the original component (from .com) on .ca

    thanx Proximon!
  11. ok so now that newegg canada is up and running, we can get on with getting me this beasty! I'm going to work on my own build and post it for review, or if you want you could just post some components. on the other hand, maybe i'll just try to find the original component (from .com) on .ca

    thanx Proximon!
  12. ok so i've made a build from the prices are really good!

    it is mostly the same as your original build, but i changes some things our for cheaper ones. feel free to (and please do) comment.

    C2D 5200 90$

    Sapphire 4850 512 mb $170

    Kingston 4gb 800 ddr2 $65

    Western Digital 320GB 7200 RPM 16MB $70

    Antec 300 $60

    Corsair 550W $105

    GIGABYTE GA-EP45-DS3L $110


    Also, I kinda have a preference for nVidia. Would this 9800 GTX be just as good as (or better than) the 4850 for the same price?:

    EVGA 9800 GTX $170

    Thanx in advance for any replies!!!
  13. You could save 10 bucks and get this board, which would work just as well:

    Kingston is good, but pay 5 dollars more and get:
    (better latency)

    Save $20 and get this OCZ PSU. It's similar in performance and quality to the corsair, and you need to save a few dollars:

    The 9800 GTX+ will compete with the 4850, but it is more:

    Looks like the 4850 is going to be the best deal you can get.

    Do you have an optical drive? You'll need at least a DVD burner:
  14. ok kool ive added evrything to a cart and with taxes and shipping it comes out to just over $800, which should be fine. a couple more questions:

    a) I have a cd for windows xp home edition sp1. it has been installed on another comp (the one that this build will be replacing). will i be able to install this os, and will it be fine? can i run dx10? i heard i could with a hack

    b) is that video card (the 4850) fine? it isnt the same manufacturer that you first suggested, but it was the cheapest.

  15. a) You cannot have the OS on both systems at once, legally. When you validate, MS will log the change in systems. You need to validate to get updates, and if you don't XP will stop working after 30 days.

    I'm not aware of any DX10 hacks, but it makes no difference. I see a few things in DX10 that you sort of notice, like reflections off your gun barrel in Crysis... but nothing to get too excited about. You can install Vista 64 later, when you can afford it.

    b) Yes pretty much all ATI makers are good. You won't get as good a warranty with Sapphire (2 year), as you would with Visiontek (lifetime).
  16. ok so ur saying that if I stop using the old comp i can use that cd on the new build?
  17. First off, where do you live?

    All the above suggestions are valid, but depending on where you live, you might have PST on top of GST depending on what website you buy off from. I just recently helped a friend built his comp (he lives in ON), that's why I know about these nitty-gritty details.

    DirectCanada and are where I would look first (DirectCanada's web layout sucks, but the prices are right and they only charge PST in BC). NCIX has some good deals occasionally, but I wouldn't count on it (they're usually more expensive).
  18. smart1002 said:
    ok so ur saying that if I stop using the old comp i can use that cd on the new build?

    Yep, that's right. Or at least, turn it into a Linux experiment.
  19. to johnyeah: i live in Ontario, and btw that 800 dollars that i quoted is that actual charge for all the parts, shiping AND TAXES.

    to Proximon: ok so that's great then i'll probably order sometime soon.
  20. To Smart1002:

    See if you can find the same things from directcanada. They don't charge PST if shipped to ON and the price should be more or less the same as Newegg.

    Definitely check them out.
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