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i m troubled by rapid usage of my harddisk space for no reason.i thought that i had not installed so much of thigs that the disk space should decrease to that low.so i tried checked what is going on.for one of my partions which was non empty:the disk space used as shown by right clkicking it and selecting properties was about 4.2Gb .then i opened the partion selected all the content in it right clicked and selected properties and they altogether used only about 1.5Gb
it had no hidden files or folders in it .what is the reason for it .i suspect some kind of threats .and also the problem presists even after deleting all my partions and again creating them and formatting them.or it may be due to usage of some pirated softwaresdoes anyone have some idea?hoe is it solved?
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  1. I recommend downloading a utility named Windirstat and running it. Enable the option to show Unknown space. It does a good job of scanning a drive and telling you where the space went.

    Is the partition in question a partition with an OS installed? These partitions accumulate stuff like system restore points. Eventually, a member named sminlal will probably wander over here and provide more detailed information.

    So, after you run windirstat, we can identify the largest usage blocks. If it's an OS partition, it's likely to be large hidden/system files like the pagefile or system restore information. Or even the recycle bin.

    If you use any image hosting site, sort the results of Windirstat by descending size and post the pic to this thread. It's easier if we can all see it.

    Good luck.
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