Is it wise to install the OS on RAID 0 drive(s)

I am revitalizing my system. I have a pair of WD740ADFD's & a SATA PCI card to install on a PBP400 VIA mobo.
Is it wise to install the OS on a RAID 0 config? I'm not worried about having to reinstall the OS, and the data is backed up on other 'servers' on my peer-to-peer network.
How can I get the OS onto a RAID 0 config if I am using the OS (windows disk management tools) to build the RAID?

Any insight would be helpful.

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  1. Hi,

    I assume that you've set your BIOS/PCI card details to RAID?
    You have install the RAID and PCI card drivers as part of the windows install routine eg in XP, you either need to have the drivers slipstreamed onto an install CD or on a floppy disk. With Vista/Win7 you can have it on a USB drive that makes things much easier! Once you have all teh drivers installed, windows should recognise the RAID array and allow you to install onto it.

    As to whether or not it is wise to install the OS onto RAID0 that's kinda up to you! I have it in my system and have no problems but as you said, make sure you keep anything important on a separate (physical) drive so if the array dies, you don't loose your data.

    Hope that helps
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