Dual Xeon Build Power issues?

Hi folks how are we? I decided just for a bit of fun to build an dual Xeon System boy this has been FUN not! lol.
Anyway these are the parts I have aquired.
2 x OEM sl72y 3.2ghs processors
2gb of pc3200 400 non buffered non ecc ram
A Iwill Dh800 mobo
Thermatake Soprano Case
ATI 9800Pro 8x Agp vid card
Nexther PSU460
Asus 20x DVD writer
1 x 750gb sata 2 drive and 2 x 1 terrabyte drives
No I have built this system and installed all the problem is when I hit the power button, the 2 fans and case fans start to go for a millisecond then stop.
Do I have something that is incompatable with this lot? Or do I need a bigger psu? From what I have gleamed from other places I have looked at this should be enough?
Anyways thanks for any advice in advance.
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  1. Quite possibly not recognizing the RAM. It's supposed to, yes, but it really wants something like this:


    Is there a header for a speaker? Beeps would help.

    The PSU is actually OK... it's a Masscool Nextherm (not nexther). Possibly it's a very old PSU?

    It's quite hard to help you more when the MB company seems to be out of business and has no website.
  2. Yes I found that out that the mobo doesn't have any waranty or site sigh $170 bit of junk huh?, I was having trouble finding a motherboard for these chips :) tearing hair out was good, The psu is brand new, or are you saying its an old brand? lol

    this is what I went on looking for the stuff http://www.linuxelectrons.com/features/reviews/mobo-review-iwill-dh800-intel-dual-pentium-4-xeon
    He mentions ddr400ram which is what I got but I will try that other ram you suggested.
  3. No if the PSU is new it's probably OK. It's a very old PSU in that it has been around for 3 or 4 years. It had some good comments back in the day, so if it's still the same parts it's likely decent.

    It's a shame the reviewer didn't list the brand of RAM. I got the Kingston from a site that had tested that particular model in that board.

    Make sure you don't have any motherboard standoffs in the wrong place.

    Make sure all the power connectors on the board and video card are filled....

    Ooops. I saw the server board and never bothered to look at the video card... you know, it's possible that your PSU doesn't have enough power to run all that.
  4. I vote power supply. I would get a psu with a large single 12v rail( at least 40 amps).Make sure it has the 8 pin plug for cpu power.
  5. Yea just ordered an 850w psu has 2 8 pin plugs lol errr what do I do with the extra :)
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