Good cold cathodes needed!

Anything know any good brand for cold cothode? Looking for a UV and a red one, thanks
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  1. Meh, all cathodes are the same.
    Take a look here:
  2. Mostly they're all the same with a few exceptions. I tried a couple Memorex branded ones that were on clearance for $1.99 and both the inverters failed with a short circuit within four or five months. All the other ones I've used are Logisys branded and they've been working fine for years now. The Logisys fans have held up fine, as well.
  3. ^+1.
  4. I like Logysis myself.
  5. Go for the Logisys!
  6. so logisys for the win?
  7. +1 logysis!
  8. a dual 12" ccfl or a single 15"?
  9. dual imo
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