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Im debating on buying an AMD Phenom II x4 BE cpu, or a i7 860. Im looking to overclock. Not in a major competetive way, but enough to get my moneys worth out of the CPU. I know that just by the names it would be i7 all the way. Simply because its a newer CPU. Im looking for raw power tho. Im a big time PC gamer and i want to get the most out of my money. So can anyone tell me which CPU would be the best and why? Also, As i said im looking for a good OC'ing mobo for either one of the CPU's. If anyone knows of a proven board, please let me know! :)

(The AMD CPU would be the best BE they have. I dont remember which one it was but i want the best. So when comparing, im not thinking about the lower end BE's)
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  1. From what I have read, if you have the budget go for the i7 maybe a high end i5. The i7 again from what I have read will give you great overclocks past 4.0 GHz (stable) it is also rated to have better gaming performance. If you are on a tighter budget then you might want to go AMD. The Phenom II 965 RB-C3 should go to over 4.0 GHz (stable). But at a cost. Lastly if your going to overclock get some nice cooling like a high end air cooler or water cooling, a cheap great one that I use is the Corsair H50. Good luck!

    Check these out (Intel): (processor). (great board if you have the budget). (nice board in between). (good board a little cheaper).

    AMD: (One of the best AMD boards I almost got it).

    Cooling: (Air cooling probably the best). (Cheap sturdy water cooling).
  2. Ok well im a big nvidia fanboy so ive kinda decided on this board for the i7:

    My question is, This board says the RAM i need is DDR3 2600MHz+ When i look on the newegg site tho, I cant find any RAM that says 2600MHz. What exactly does that mean, And can i use ANY DDR3 RAM? If not then im at a lose as far as which RAM i can use and which i cant. Any help/suggestions?
  3. That's wrong it might mean the NB goes to that and more. I would stick with DDR3 1600 or if you really want 1800+. But don't worry.
  4. destruktiveone said:
    And can i use ANY DDR3 RAM? If not then im at a lose as far as which RAM i can use and which i cant. Any help/suggestions?

    DDR1600 allows you to use the standard mem multiplier of 8 when a BCLK is 200 to get an i7 to the magical 4 GHz barrier. No reason to go higher unless you wanna try and hit 5 Ghz

    I have found Asus boards to be the easiest OC's, have yet to have one die in me after "in this millenium" (about 40 builds) and like that I can get TS on phone....however, the USB 3 and SATA II capability of Asus boards makes the stand out since the PCI-E lanes aren't hampered
  5. you should be able to use any ddr3 ram but I reccomend 1600 but yeah don't much higher if at all for 4.0 GHz
  6. go i7 920. Very good for OCing.

    As for a mobo? Easily the Asus P6x58D Premium. Not only does it OC great, it has SATA 6GB and USB 3.0 (for when devices actually come out for that crap).
  7. I think that Western Digital has a 6 Gb/s out or out soon. Yeah the 920 does go far but the 860 is rated to be better. Your choice. Price:performance 920 wins but overall performance 860. 920 is cheaper though.
  8. Well from what ive read on a few forums and a few other sites, The i5 750 is the best/better price vs performance CPU out as of now. I also read on this site that the 750 will OC to match the i7 975 at stock speeds. Im thinkin thats pretty damn good. Im looking at cutting prices a little cuz ive already gone over $600 with cpu, mobo, and RAM. I was only looking at spending around $300 but i didnt put RAM in the picture. Thats another $150 easy. So now i basically just have to find a really well made/proven OC'ing mobo for the i5. Keeping the nvidia fanboy idea in mind, Does anyone have any tips? Im not EXTREMELY convinced on an EVGA board, but i would like to get one. Again tho, ive never bought a board outside of a factory built PC so anything is open really. I just want to get the best i can for a reasonable price.

    This is all coming out of my college loan money and i have a few other things i need to get as well. (Non-computer related) So i need to cut corners where i can, But i still want the best. lol If thats even possible.

    i5 750:
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