Dimmension 4700C RAM to 2 x 2gb ?

Hi all,

I have a Dell Dimmension 4700C w/ a presently crashed HD so I can't run it to get specific. I'm using XP 32 bit and about to go from WD 80gb HD to 500gb 16SE.

At present it has 2 x 256gb mem modules OEM and want to increase it to a matched pair of 2 x 2gb, but Dell says they only list a max of 2 x 1gb upgrade with a Dell number.
Kingston's look-up says the same as does Crucial but the 4700C Manual says maximum mem for this system is 4gb. Dell's since read the manual and has agreed but still can't give the appropriate Dell, Kingston or any other Mem OEM part number for this upgrade.
I went through the same sort of thing w/other mem OEMs too, so I'm frustrated.

Now Dell is suggesting buying:
DDR2-667 12864 CL555 U8622 UNBUFF(KIT 2) SNPU8622CK2/2G

I'd like to be sure after going through all this searching, that the above will work especially after reading some of the Dell memory horror stories over the last few days.

Can any of you Pros tell me?

Many Thanks,
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  1. If you order the kit directly from Dell, then you should be able to return it at no charge if it doesn't work. The recommended kit is specifically for the 47000C: http://accessories.us.dell.com/sna/products/Memory_Upgrades/productdetail.aspx?c=us&l=en&s=bsd&cs=04&sku=A0944559
  2. Thanks, I checked it out and that seems to be the answer. All that time spent on all the sites and OEMs, and all I needed to do was ask here.

    Much Appreciated !!
  3. Unfortunately they are 1GB modules, not the 2GB ones you were hoping for.
  4. Honestly, I wouldn't even consider 4gb total memory. I have a dimension 4550, around the 4700c area and there's no way you would use over 2 gb total system memory. Basically, find either ddr or ddr2 memory (whichever your system runs on) and get 1gb minimum. I doubt that you use that computer for any sort of gaming, and I'm sure 1gb would be just fine for you.
    1gb or 2x512mb would work perfect.
    If you're in the US, i'd recommend checking out newegg and getting the cheapest ram possible. Kingston makes good value ram as do other brands. So, that'd be the best bet for you.
  5. Any RAM that runs with voltage of 1.8v (ie GSkill/mushkin) will work fine.
  6. Thanks all. I may need the extra 1.5 gigs for running Windows 7. I'll buy that after they get all the bugs fixed. So Rabidbunny, that's my reasoning for the extra memory power. Oddly enough, Crucial live tech support couldn't help me. I was online with them twice and being told the 4700C max mem is gb. Nonsense. It's in the 4700C Bible. I think there was very little available in that power (gb) range back in 2004-5 with that sys in mind.

    Kingston came through yesterday. In case others have the same problem the Kingston -confirmed part number is:
    (2x) KTD-DM8400A/2G, 2GB DDR2-533 Module
    4 Gigabyte total.

    Many thanks to all for your help!
  7. Hi all,

    Yes, 2 x 2gb in a Dell 4700C works. Following reinstall of XP, new 640GB HDD and Kingston Mem Modules
    KTD-DM8400A/2G, DDR2 533 (x 2) system reports 2.99GB available. This w/out any other prgs or hardware except monitor installed.

    Thanks again for all the help.
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