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I have a problem that my portable hard drive (320gb western digital) is partially detected by the computer. By that I mean when i insert the usb cable into pc it is detected and the drivers are automatically installed. It shows up on device manger as WD with model name. in disk management it is detected as "disk1, unknown, Not initialised". By the way i use windows vista home premium. I have tested it on all other computers and its still the same. I am not worried about hard disk, all i want offcourse is the data. Is thr anyway to recover it? I would be glad if you could guide me. Thanking you in anticipation
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  1. I had a drive like that (it died) I was able to get it to work sometimes by having it pluged in when booting. was not reconiged when ever pluged in to a running system.
  2. Is this a brand new drive? If so, you may need to partition and format it using Disk Manager (Start -> right-click "Computer" -> Manage -> Disk Management).
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