How to producting cd/dvd from read and write

hai there....
i want maintain secrecy,when am writing cd/dvd disc. guide me

sri prakash.m
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  1. I'm afraid that you need to be more specific. While I will take a guess, by Maintain Secrecy do you mean
    - Create a disc that no-one else can read?
    - Not let anyone know that you are creating a disc?
    - Leave no trace on the system that a disc was created (a la Mission Impossible)?
    - Something else?
    By the way, if describing it in English is a problem, Google Translate ( ) will do a decent job of translating it from the most common languages to English.

    So: My guess is that what you want is a disc that no-one can read except for you and your agents. This particular solution does let people see that there is information on the disc that is hidden from them, so it is not totally secret.

    Encrypt the data before you write it to the disc and then, when you want to read the data, mount the disc as an encrypted volume. There are good packages out there to accomplish this. Note that you will have to A) remember and B) protect the encryption keyphrase.

    Here's a commercial version based on the work of the incomparable Phil Zimmerman:

    TrueCrypt ( ) is reliable to the best of my knowledge.

    There is an entire field of security called "steganography" which is concerned with hiding the fact that there is encrypted data. Using such tools, you could make a CD that looks like a music CD, plays like a music CD, and contains 100 MB of secret data.
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