Can this power supply power this video card

so im going to get
System Requirements Minimum of a 500 Watt power supply.
(Minimum recommended power supply with +12 Volt current rating of 36 Amp Amps.)
my power supply listed above has two +12 volt rails both with 18A
i have read u cannot just add them up, ur not getting what they add up to.

however, according to thermaltake's website : Dual +12V rails provide 38A for PC system

it has 600watts, minus the 140 for the other rails, u get 460, watts divided by volts = 38 amps

am i correct?

Im not sure what is better a single or dual +12 rails, and i realize that even if this does provide 36 amps that i should just buy a new one that provides over 36 just in case, however i built my computer for 900$ now im having to upgrade the video card, and i hope to not have to do a new power supply as this computer is not even a year old.
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  1. dead link
  2. GeForce 8800 GTS 640MB? Will be fine, the 500w is to cover generic crap PSU's. Thermaltake is a good shout.
  3. I believe the link was supposed to point to this GTX 260:

    I have a list of PSUs here and it claims that yours has 38A, just like you calculated there.
    (look for Thermaltake Purepower 600w W0129RU)
    That's a bit weird, IMO, since the rails are advertised at 18A each. Still, even if it's a little under 36A, I think your PSU will do. The recommendations are usually padded. I'm assuming you don't have lots of hard disks, lights, fans, overclocked CPU, etc.

    If you want to play it safe, get this PC Power & Cooling 750W for $70:
  4. Yah tis that 260, my google skills are fail today :(
  5. I have 1 hard drive, 1 dvd rom drive, however i do have 4 fans but i have heard the card is huge so i might have to remove a fan that is close to the slot

    i dont know tons of power supplies but thermaltake says pure power so hopefully when they say it provides 38A and this video card requires 36 it will be good

    i think my power supply will handle it and i hope so because i dont want to spend 260 on the card then another 70 on a new psu, im already gonna have 2 video cards usless unless i can sell. however if people think its not gonna work i dont want to risk losing any parts of my computer and all that money

    thanks for the reply's, keep them comming, also i added a link to my power supply for any information needed that i didnt list
  6. If you already have the Thermaltake youll be fine ;)
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