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I have an xfx nforce 610i mobo, w a E8200 and 4 gigs of ddr2 800mhz. i know it sux but its what i got. My question is with overclocking on this board in my cell menu it has a cple options for overclocking.

1st it has FSB auto, linked or manual i have it on manual

2nd has fsb speed can go anywhere from 800mhz to 2500mhz

3rd one is Memory speed go from 800 to 2500

3rd is multiplier

5th DDR voltage

6th NB voltage

It does not have a vcore volt adjuster is that gonna hold me back in overclocking or can i get more stability by adjusting my northbridge and my ram volts.

Another thought i had what would happen if i tried to put the bios from a nforce 7 series which i know has the vcore adjustments in the bios would i mess up the board by doing that
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  1. 1. Try Linked and Manual. Use whichever one works better.
    2. FSB speed (clock) is actually 4 times FSB frequency. Start at 333 X 4 and work upward. If you have FSB linked, your memory clock will increase at 2 X FSB frequency.
    3. Keep memory speed at twice FSB frequency - not clock/
    4. Keep multiplier at maximum.
    5. Set DDR voltage to factory specs.
    6. Try to increase it a little as you need to, depending on stability.

    You should be able to adjust your vcore if you can adjust your northbridge.

    If you tried to load an nforce 7 BIOS into your motherboard, one of two things would happen. If you were lucky, it would refuse to load. If you were unlucky, it would try - and mess up your board inthe process.
  2. yea its weird cause i can adjust the northbridge but not the vcore i got my e8200 to run stable at 3.17 ghz anything after that i get errors in prime 95 im guessing its cause i need more volts to my vcore but i cant adjust that. i am thinking of getting new motherboard forthis so i can OC higher i heard of peeps getting up too 4 ghz with this chip

    any suggestion on a good board for under 75 bux
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