Can't even get to BIOS!

Hey everyone, I was hoping somebody can help me out with a problem I'm having. I just got and installed a new PSU into my computer in order to better power a 9800GX2. It's a PC Power and Cooling 750W Silencer. I installed it, connected everything, and when I press the power button the fans all start up but nothing happens. I don't hear any hard drive activity, and the computer just runs with the fans on without any activity. The monitor doesn't sense a connection, so nothing appears on screen.

I tried resetting the CMOS, running with only one memory stick installed, and the same thing happens.

Any ideas on what could be causing this?
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  1. Yep.

    You forgot to plug in the 4/8 pin power connector near your CPU.

    You have two separate power connectors on your board, unless it's very old.
  2. I have both of those connected to my mobo (4 pin and 24 pin).
  3. Reseat all connections then including your GPU and monitor.
  4. I would double check all the connections. Vidcard could have got bumped, reset it and the cables. Even if they look OK, unplug and replug.
  5. I unplugged everything, used an old video card (ATI RX1550), and still the same thing happens.
  6. And you made both power connections to the graphics card?

    In that case I guess you should re-seat everything. Probably something got loosened when you pulled the old PSU out. Unless of course the old PSU blew up :p
  7. Does this basically mean either my PSU or mobo is the problem? And how would I know which is screwing up?
  8. Can you reinstall the old PSU to see if the system runs properly? If it does, then you'll know where the problem is.
  9. Connecting the old PSU results in the same problem.
  10. I've got the same PSU (PC & C 750 Quad), it's a fantastic supply. Did your old supply die? Or are you just replacing it to have the extra headroom? If the supply didn't die, I would try the old one again. PC & C has an excellent reputation, but no manufacturer is invulnerable to having DOA units. If your old supply did die, it's likely that when it went it took something out with it. Motherboard is the most obvious. You have already tried another graphics card. RAM is another thing that could have been damaged. So once you have gone over all connections, then you need to look into the above.
  11. The old PSU was just inadequate (random freezes)... I called PC &C and they told me to upgrade to a 750 watt version, so I did. I took a DDR2 module out of a computer that works and used only that in this computer, and again the same thing happened.

    I guess I'm left with a dead PSU/mobo?
  12. Make sure your RAM is properly seated. Try running it with one stick at a time. Since you don't hear your hard drives start up I'm thinking it's the PSU.
  13. Download and run from a floppy a test for your Hard drive such as WDdiag
    for a westaern digital drive. Could be that your hd has some corrupt files or is dying.

    Hope something is just loose :)

    I had same problem but turned out to be my video card died.
  14. I double checked the RAM, and I am only running with one stick that works in another system... so I'm guessing it's not the RAM? As for the PSU, everything turns on (fans, video card fan, etc.)... so could it still be the problem?
  15. Well to eliminate the new PSU, use the old one with X1550 and see if it POST's. If it does then you have a dead PSU.
  16. I tried the old PSU, and I have the same problem.
  17. If you have the same problem with the old PSU, then it's not the PSU. Unfortunately the 182 and most other new cases don't come with a speaker to allow you to hear any POST failure beeps. Can you extract the little speaker from the other computer and install it on the mobo? You can leave it safely hanging.
  18. I would try booting with just the bare essentials: VGA, RAM (1 stick), PSU, and mobo. Unplug all drives from the motherboard and from the power supply. If this will POST, then you need to try adding stuff back in until it fails again.
  19. Also, you might try taking the battery out of the mobo and letting it sit for a while with the PSU unplugged or switched off on the back.
  20. If you can't get a speaker, and the battery removal doesn't work, you may need to go further and follow techgeek's advice.
  21. happened to me once. motherboard got bumped and was shorting out on the case. had to reseat the entire board and do everything over.

    problem here is that there are tons of things this could be. good luck and keep us updated
  22. I wonder if he fixed it, or just gave up.
  23. Ok, so I took out everything and put it all back together. I even reseated the processor on the HSF. I tried booting up with just a video card, one hard drive that works in another computer, and one stick of ram that works in another computer. Again the same thing happens, where fans power on and nothing else happens.

    I'm really at a loss here... do I just do a mass RMA?
  24. Wouldn't it be simpler to bring it to a shop and get them to fix it? It's realtively easy to determine the source of a problem when you have replacement parts.
  25. There really aren't any repair shops around my area... the only one is geek squad and their prices are outrageous.
  26. Get one of these HSPC ATX Control Kit and plug the speaker into the proper header pins on the mobo.

    Boot the computer with everything plugged in. You should get one confirmation beep of a successful POST

    Boot the computer with nothing connected except PSU, CPU, 1 sick of RAM and Video card. See if it beeps. You should get one beep.

    If it doesn't beep remove the RAM and boot again and check for beeps. You should get multiple beeps for failed RAM.
    Boot again with the VGA removed you should get beeps.

    If you get no beeps with the RAM and VGA removed the your problem is probably the mobo, cpu, or PSU. Since neither PSU works it's probably the mobo or CPU and more than likely the mobo.

    It's easier to grab a speaker out of an old computer, but better the kit than no speaker at all.
  27. I would just go for the MB as the most likely culprit at this point. If you had a speaker connected to the headers on the board, you might hear beeps that would help you identify the culprit.

    This would get you a speaker:

    Or just go down to Radio Shack and get some little thing.
  28. LOL @ Zorg for the psychic connection :)
  29. I just ordered the control kit, so as soon as I get it I'll connect the speaker and hopefully have a better idea of what's going on.
  30. Proximon said:
    LOL @ Zorg for the psychic connection :)
    I only looked that up because he was unwilling or unable to pull the one out of the other computer.
  31. My thinking is if the PSU is known good, which you have tried 2, neither work, if you've tried 2 graphics cards, one known good, and your memory is known to be good, I'd say the board has gone by by.
  32. Ok, so I got the motherboard speaker and hooked it up to the mobo. Now when I boot up, same thing happens and I get no beeps (without GPU or mem connected)

    The other thing is that I have a fan controller... and when I have my cpu fan hooked into the controller it works fine. But if I plug my cpu fan into the motherboard directly, it doesn't work.

    Do both of these things mean my mobo is shot?
  33. Yes I would say that's a good bet at this point. Could be your power supply I suppose, as in the 12V is not working or some such... but more likely MB.
  34. It is most likely the mobo, or possibly the CPU but less likely. Post back and let us know.
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