Should i buy a none RAID hard drive?

Hello,I just bought a new comp and I ordered it with 1TB RAID 0 (2 500g) should I also buy a none RAID hard drive just in case of failure?
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    It certainly wouldn't hurt to purchase a green drive for backup purposes or at the very least, make sure you routinely backup your important files to DVD. There's no redundancy in a raid 0 array. You might also check with your ISP and see if they offer any kind of a backup/storage service. My ISP is qwest and they do have an online backup for their users.
  2. Should you spend $50 to back up your data? I'm from Dallas, and I'm not that stupid as to ask that question...
  3. If you value your data, plan on EXTERNAL backup.

    I would opt for a single 1tb drive instead of two 500gb drives in raid-0. Your OS will perform better.
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