Need Help with choppy framerates

Just put together a new pc.
When i run any 3D app in FULLSCREEN the graphics stutter, like every few seconds, even when the cpu/gpu isn't being pushed <60%.
This however doesn't occur when running in windowed modes.
any suggestions appreciated 'cause this is really annoying.

core 2 quad q6600 (oc'd 3ghz 333x9) 1.2625v
powercolor pcs radeon hd4850 (665gpu, 993mem) 512meg
4 gig Corsair 800mhz (
Asus P5QL-e
Seasonic S12II psu 500 watt.
Vista home premium 32bit.
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  1. Did you update all your drivers?
  2. Damn! just solved it i think.
    I'd left fsb strap to north bridge on auto in bios. manually set it to 333 and now seems to be working fine.

    ...and i thought it may be memory related.
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