Computer turns off while playing games.

My computer had been working fine until just recently when it started to shut itself off while playing certain games . It's strange since if only does it sometimes and only on games like Cod4: MW . My first thought was maybe it was overheating but i can play Far Cry 2 for hours with no problem. Using speedfan i get these temperatures while just sitting in Windows:

Temp1 : 29C
Temp2: 87C (which i believe is my motherboard since Pc wizard reports the same temperature as my mobo)
Temp3: 39C( which is probably my Power supply since Pc wizard reports the same temp for my ps)
HDO :29C
CCC reports my gpu at 34C
And here are the components .

Amd 6000 125 watt verison
Gigabyte GA-MA78G-DS3H
4 gigs of Adata ddr 800
Asus 4850 512mb ( with a duorb recently installed )
Rosewill 630watt powersupply
500 gig wd hd
Vista home premium 64 bit
Xtremegamer pro soundcard

Any ideas guys ?
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  1. Might be the RAM, run memtest86+ for a couple of hours and check out for errors. Or your chipset might be over heating.
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