Power supply going out?


so about a week ago, I noticed I turned off my computer, and then in the morning went to go turn it on...

and it turned on, fans spun up and everything for like 2 seconds, then the power just cut... no beeps or anything.. I've never had any issues before... and this is a fairly new computer (self built). so I try it again, and the same thing happens, try it one more time, and it turned on.... so within a couple days it happened a couple more times, then it killed one of my hard drives (western digital sata drive). or at least I think it did... as the hard drive died, and now having RMA'd the drive, and the computer did the power thing again, the hdd ALMOST made the same noise that told me the hdd was broken... (but only did for like half a second, and then was back to normal)

so I'm scared of killing more hard drives... possibly other hardware.... once the computer DOES turn on, everything runs great...

Power Supply: Zalman AM600-HP (600 watt, sli read etc)
Motherboard: Asus Crosshair
Video Card: Nvidia 8800gtx (evga)
Sound Card: Creative X-fi Xtrememusic
CPU: AMD athlon 64 x2 5200+ (2.6GHz)
Dvd Drive: Asus DRW-2014L1T (sata)
Hard Drives:Maxtor 6Y080L0
Maxtor 6Y160M0
Western Digital WD1500ADFS-00SLR (raptor drive)
Memory: 2gb (two 1gb sticks)
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  1. Ive got a few ASUS motherboards and they all do this when overclocked to me...ie power button... fans start then stop then it boots.

    This has been mentioned in some posts before and seems to be some type of protection in ASUS boards, but ive never had an issue killing drives.
  2. Ok thanks for the answer...

    I disabled all Overclocking now, and will post back here if it happens again =) hopefully you won't hear back from me =P
  3. well having disabled all overclocking, its happened again... I don't have any other power supply/computer I can use to test with... any ideas?
  4. Jump in the ASUS forums for a look, im not sure the reasoning behind it doing it.
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