920 and p6x58D : Why different temps between cores?

I just put the rig together and I'm still messing with it.

I'm getting a consistant 7-8 deg C difference between core one and four. Why is this? Is it normal?

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  1. its normal to have a 5c difference at the most.
    try re-seating the heatsink and applying fresh thermal paste.
    and were did you get that "turbo v" program? :D
  2. 7- 8 Degree Temp Difference is normal. Don't listen to fps.
  3. I have the same scenario on several PC's.

    I'm speculating it has to do with work load on the given core at the time as well as physical location of said core.

    To see them all the same or even very close is actually rare.
  4. You could use the "Print Screen" key at the top right corner of your keyboard to get better screen shot. Do it next time or some mean peoples here will laugh at you.
  5. First core is usually much much hotter than the others, especially if you have turbo enabled. It is completely normal.
  6. orangecat ... I get that difference & a little more at times. Doesn't seem to make much difference OC-ed or not & apparently has not affected the OC capability .... been at 4.34 GHz
  7. Turbo is disabled but HT is enabled.

    TurboV program came with the mobo.

    LOL at myself for using a camera to do a screen shot but the rig is only a few hours old here and I didn't have the lan hooked up to it yet.

    Thanks for letting me know this is not an abnormal situation.
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