DDR3 RAM in my Gateway FX 6800-01e... Helpppp!!!!


I am relatively new to RAM and have come seeking answers to what RAM would work best with my unit. I have just purchased a Gateway FX 6800-01e and have four choices for RAM.

Here are the specifications of my unit ---->

Here are my available choices of RAM for my system (via Kingston website) -->

The computer comes with approx 3 GB of RAM (3-1024MB modules) and has three open slots for expansion (see "bank schema" section in the Kingston link I gave) and I want to add 6 GB of RAM (buy three 2GB DDR3 units out of the four choices). The thing is, I have choices between 1) 2GB DDR3-1066 DIMM and 2) 2GB DDR3-1333 DIMM. What is the difference between the two? Which is faster? Based on the Kingston site, both are compatible, but since the pre-installed 3 gigs are 1066 MhZ, does that mean I have to choose the 2GB 1066 MhZ?

Also, it notes under the Kingston link that "MODULES MUST BE ORDERED AND INSTALLED IN GROUPS OF THREE for Triple Channel mode." Does this mean I have to buy the three 2GB units (6GB total) and install them all at once or they wouldn't work? Why is this?

I know it's alot of questions, but as someone who is interested in learning about computers, I'd love to know. I want to make this computer the best it can be (within reason of course :P )


P.S. You can e-mail me if you want at
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  2. i wud like to know too i have the same computer can u email me
  3. something like either one of these should work... just depends on how much u want to upgrade to...

    now these are just example of what you need if you don't buy either of these just make sure that you look at ram that says and is DDR3 PC8500 tri channel because that is the only type of ram that will work with your system i believe...
  4. Hey jbiddle21 and ipheeni,

    I have the same Gateway machine as well and this was the RAM kit I purchased to upgrade my PC.

    They came in a 2GBx3 module kit. I popped them right into my PC and they worked right off the bat. I now currently have a total of 9 GB of RAM in my Gateway machine. The reason for my purchasing these RAM modules was because I'm more into gaming performance and media viewing and editing. jibibble, you can go with Kingston if they're your preferred type of memory manufacturer. You don't necessarily have to buy 2GB modules. You can still pick up 1GB modules, but just be sure you get 3 of them since you have to have the 3 modules installed in the other 3 empty slots at the same time in order for the triple channel mode to work with your existing RAM.

    I'm not certain if the Crucial RAM that db140 has suggested would work with your systems however, as seeing that PC8500 (DDR3-1066) runs at a slower clock speed than the 3 GB of RAM that's already pre-installed in the Gateway system, which is PC10666 (DDR3-1333). It's just a matter of warranty and price preference from here. Hope that helps you guys out.
  5. I also purchased this system but am having some difficulty with it. I bought the 3x2GB module kit, installed it but my OS is only showing 6GB of RAM instead of the 9GB it actually has.

    What is installed: (3x1GB)(3x2GB)

    I used CPU-Z and it correctly shows all 9GB of RAM but Vista only sees 6GB.

    Anyone every hear of this issue or know how to troubleshoot it?

    Have Vista 64 and it does support this amount of RAM.

    I contacted Gateway customer support and so far they are doing a dance around it. Their reply was..

    "Since this is a very new system, I highly recommend that you contact our Phone Support at 1-408-273-0808 and ask them to transfer your call to our Level 2 Support Team to further assist you with your issue."

    The machine is now 3 months old. Apparently Gateway Level 1 support team only knows how to support machines that are beyond 3 months old.

    I called and after about 10 to 15 minutes I finally talked to someone that told me Level 2 only works Mon - Fri.

    Any help would be most appreciated. I don't have faith on Gateway support.
  6. jm3pro, I have the same system and CPU-Z actually shows it as PC3-8500 533MHz. I am looking into memory and think I will get the same memory from newegg, I can't find a reason that it wouldn't work....

    I am thinking that I might remove the 3G that the system came with but not sure that I would need to. I wonder if it would cause the memory to run at a slower speed with the memory it came with still installed.

    CPU-Z information:
    System Manufacturer Gateway
    System Name FX6800-01e
    Mainboard Vendor Gateway
    Mainboard Model TBGM01
    BIOS Vendor AMI
    BIOS Version 842P091G
    BIOS Date 09/27/2008
    Memory SPD
    Module 1 DDR3, PC3-8500F (533 MHz), 1024 MBytes, Samsung
    Module 2 DDR3, PC3-8500F (533 MHz), 1024 MBytes, Samsung
    Module 3 DDR3, PC3-8500F (533 MHz), 1024 MBytes, Samsung

    One more thing to add, Crucial's site says:
    "Each memory slot can hold DDR3 PC3-10600,DDR3 PC3-8500,DDR3 PC3-14400,DDR3 PC3-12800"
  7. The thing with Gateway fx6800-01e is that you can't make any adjustments in the system BIOS. I was very dissappointed to learn this as it is highly unusual and completely unchangeable. The problem it presents for RAM is that while the i7 processor and the x58 chipset support DDR3 Ram that runs as fast as PC3 12800 which means it runs at 1800mhz (plz try not to get confused by the PC3 numbering system for it does not match what the ram speed is for that PC3 number, example all gateway fx6800-01e come with 3 gb of pc3 8500 Ram which runs at 1066mhz) now back on point the motherboard settings can not be changed to run whatever type of memory you buy at its maximum speed it will only run it at the 1066mhz speed that the motherboard was originally programmed at in the gateway factory. So there is no point in buying more expensive faster memory, although it will work, it will only run at 1066mhz.

    Bottom line any DDR3 ram below 1800mhz or any PC3 ram under 12800 (same thing differnt name) will work but it will only run at 1066 mhz, whic sux because that is very slow for what the processor and motherboard can actually handle.

    If you really want to get some gaming level performance out of this computer you will need to change out the motherboard with a Asus Rampage II Gene, which will allow you to overclock the processor and set the RAM at the correct speed. The Asus Rampage II Gene is the only retail micro ATX motherboard on the market which works with the Intel i7, actually there is one DFI one but it sux and cost same amount,. The fact it is micro atx is very important as a full sized ATX mother board will not fit in the FX case. This Rampage II Gene mother board thankfully is a great mother board excellent for overclocking and performance gaming and is only $220 on newegg. Its big brother the Rampage II is possibly the best i7 motheboard on the market period to give you an idea.

    side note if you plan on installing a second graphics card in the FX or if you already have you will probly notice it is a really tight squeeze and it gets really hot, so hot that it will probly crash the system while playing games on high settings. Thankfully there is a cheap (under $10) solution. Buy an 80mm fan and install it on the front of the computer. If you take off the front plastic case you will notice 4 screw holes around a perferated square right below the expansion hard drive bay. Install the fan on the inside of the case where that square is, and make sure the fan is blowing into the case, this was air comes in the front, moves accross graphics card and exit through back exhaust fan. Also before you put the front cover back on you will need to take off that bottom little 3 inch piece of plasti thing (not the expansion hard drive bay cover but the piece below it) if you get a fan with a light it will really add a cool accent to the computer and you wont even be able to tell that the front didnt already come that way.
  8. would this be compatible with the system and the 3gb's of memory already in it? therefore making it 9gb?

  9. It's been over a year now since this thread started, I'm wondering if the has been a BIOS update or if anything has changed that will allow us to use faster RAM?
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