what is the best 22" monitor for gaming today

there are lists on the web but some of them are old and have discontinued monitors.

so, what is the best 22" monitor for gaming (fps mainly).

thank you
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  1. is there not a local shop that you can go to and have a look see??
    right now and with few exceptions most 22" monitors are pretty much the same,what you want to scope out are user reviews,check out newegg they have fairly extensive feedback forums,as for me i am using an acer22" with an 8800gt,works just fine..
    and there was a time when i wouldn't touch acer with a ten foot pole,hmmph,mostly fps games...:)
  2. yes theres a place i can look, its called toms hardware.
    please people.
    best 22" for gaming.
  3. Here's an inexpensive Acer with 2500:1 contrast ratio:


    And if you want to pay a little bit more I'd probably go with this Samsung:

  4. I got the cheapest 22" from newegg for $190 w/ free shipping. When you look for monitors dont get ones with over 5 ms response rate since you will be playing games on it. and no you dont need 2 ms its just marketing and your eye will not see the diffference I pwn with 5ms :P
  5. How's this for a cheap one?


    $150 after promo code, 3000:1 contrast ratio, 5ms response time.
  6. im not looking for cheap im looking for the best and most regarded as best.
    i hear alot about samsung 2232wb.
    anything better or that screen is considered the best?
    (im also not looking to the most expensive-just the best)
  7. I have a Samsung 226BW, and it amazes me. Even with a C panal, it is one of the best 20"/22" LCD monitors I've ever seen. If you're going for the best quality, I'd recommend Samsung. They don't come cheap, but it'll be worth it. I have heard good things about the 2232wb.
  8. You got the cash, forget about 22's and go to a 24 or even a 26" like mine. You' wont regret it and you'll never go back
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