Coolers that don't require a backplate for AM2+ socket

Does anyone know if there is a top-quality cpu cooler that doesn't need a backplate to attach? I want to upgrade from my AMD stock heatsink and fan, but pulling my mobo is beyond my desire for more speed through overclocking. Is there a good cooler that will simply replace my stock cpu cooler that just snaps in its place? BTW, I have an AMD Phenom II X4 940 AM2+ processor, an XFX HD 4870 1gb vid card, with 4 gb of system memory. I have a big case with plenty of room for a cpu cooler.
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    most high end coolers need extra support because they are solid brass and the size of a small car lol, you dont need a "highend" cooler though. there is a very very minute difference so i would suggest going with something like my cooler, i have same cpu as you, i use a ocz vendetta. like $25. and it keeps mine idle at 25C and under major load 43C. thats impressive considering that i overclocked mine too.
  2. this has a high cfm and good reviews

    better cfm and from what i have read one of the best air coolers out there
    replace the fan if you want to with something like this (better cfm but much louder)
    although this is around $80+ it is well worth it. Supper high cfm although loud will move air and keep your cpu outrageously cool.
  3. I found a terrific solution! This $20 cooler works fantastically and was super easy to install, no back plate required! [...] -_-Product

    Just because its more expensive, doesn't necessarily mean its better!
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