Problem with RAM i7 920 OC

damnit i wrote this whole story about what i had to go through to get my new rig working completely, but i guess you have to hear the summary now, it was really intruiging my story.. and it all go deleted because i didnt choose a damn sub category ok so heres what happened in short. i got my i7 to 4ghz and eventually after much pain my ddr3 ram to 2ghz(g.skill trident 4gb(2x2)x2) then i noticed windows said it was only using 4gb so i looked online and people had the same problem after ocing, some thought that since cpu-z still said they had all 8gb installed that windows was wrong, well it wasnt. eventually after much trying to do it n the windows side i reset my computer and saw that on the information page it listed memory as 4gb. this corresponded with windows so i went into the bios and tweaked my voltages and the amount of memory increases as i lowered the voltages eventually i got upto my full 8gb but the OC failed because with the voltages so low the cpu speed dropped to 2.53ghz and windows wouldnt boot, after much messing trying to find a balance to no availi decided to mess with the multiplier, i saw on a website some said that 19x211 was stable and worked this was only a half truth, it worked but it chopped your ram for osme reason so after i adjusted my multiplier to 20 and BCLK to 200 it showed all 8 gigs and the cpu at 4ghz so there ya go hope this helps someone, this is a sum and my first story was awesome but fking lack of attention made me lose it, this all took several hours to discover for me so your welcome! lol jk but i hope it helps to who it may concern. DONT PANIC!
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  1. Wait, so you're saying setting certain uh... settings made your RAM disappear?
  2. yeah in the bios post and in windows
  3. why are you using dual channel memory with an i7 920?
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