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Hey guys

I recently got the Ati HD4870. After getting the card, I decided to check what type of PSU it needs (smart.. I know), turns out the 4870 requires a 550w PSU and I have a 500w. Will the card work with my 500w? I dont want to try anything out, just now I end up with another rather toasty looking card, ( I fried my previous card due to some careless overclocking :( ). If not, what PSU should I get? I was thinking a 1000w, incase I ever want to Crossfire. Also, I'm still using a motherboard that only supports PCI express 1.0, is there a huge difference between 1.0 and 2.0? I'm still using the Core 2 Duo E6300 will it significantly bottleneck my graphics card? Anyways, its been too long since I last played a game (wii tennis doesn't count) any advice would be greatly aprreciated. :D

Peace out :)
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  1. yes it will run with pcie 1.0

    if you have two 6 pin connectors you should be fine :)
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